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Clara’s nursery

Clara is the most adorable baby girl who has the coolest parents, John & Sherry of Young house love. They welcomed their baby two months ago and oh my, Clara is one precious little girl (if you check her pictures, you’ll know what I mean)! And yesterday I stumbled upon Clara’s nursery and was completely smitten by the chicness of that room. That space is definitely far from being an average baby girl’s nursery, with lots of pink or so, instead it’s a room I wouldn’t mind moving in myself! A very modern and calming color palette of green & blue, a chandelier to die for, sunburst mirror and baskets for a better organizing – doesn’t this sound amazing? I’m so enamored with Clara’s nursery, I just knew I must share with you!

P.S. To see more pictures and the list of items used for decorating Clara’s nursery, check here.

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Indoor teepee

I remember when I was a 4-5 years-old kid, I had a best friend and she was the one I was playing with, talking to and loving. So we were always playing at my or her home and we were always building teepees. Of course the teepees were destined to crush down at the very slight touch, but who cared? We were having fun. Imagine how much easier would’ve everything been if we had finished teepees in the stores, just to buy, put them in the middle of the room and enjoy? Aw, if I were a kid once again…But, on the bright side, we can give this to our kids and that makes me happy – knowing that one day, I’ll have a child and he/she will enjoy things I couldn’t enjoy, isn’t this so great?

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Guest post: Baby cribs

Hi everyone! This week is a sort of a baby week here on creamylife, so to complete it I have a beautiful guest post for you brought by my lovely guest blogger Nastya! Today she’ll speak about baby cribs! For her other posts, check here and here. Enjoy!


Good day, dear Creamy Life readers!
Some time ago, Ludmila wrote about one Serbian photographer and her amazing pictures of babies. And it got me so inspired! So I found a topic (of course related to babies!) that makes me smile a lot and my whole day gets sunny! Baby cribs! There are a lot of advice and examples on the Net – so you’ll easily find what you need – just make sure the theme, colors and mood of your nursery matches your baby’s gender and forming personality. Here are some images that left me breathless:

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Serbian Made: Photographer Milica Tepavac

Hello, sweet friends! Welcome to another Monday! I do hope your weekend was fabulous, I wouldn’t like to disappoint you, but it’s Monday  indeed! So get ready for a new week ahead! Today it’s time for the traditional Serbian Made post and this time I have for you an amazing baby photographer, but not just a baby photographer, the ONLY baby photographer in Serbia! I feel so lucky to have Milica Tepavac as the next feature on creamylife’s Serbian Made! And today the post about Milica will be quite different than usually, because we made up an interview for you! I prepared some question and the adorable Milica was so kind to answer them! So, please grab your coffee and enjoy!

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Wren’s nursery

Wren is an adorable baby girl of the lovely Holly from Life in the fun lane. Holly did an amazing job by putting together her baby’s room, it’s decorated with two of my favorite colors: white and turquoise in different shades. The room looks very elegant due to the white, but so cheery and fun thanks to turquoise! I loved it and I think it’s a must-see for moms-to-be, the perfect place to get inspired! Oh and by the way, you will see the turquoise in Martha Stewart pom poms which I simply adore and been looking for tutorials to make them myself. If you know some, please share!

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Serbian Made: Like flowers and butterflies

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was fabulous! Time for a new week ahead and now, looking through the window and seeing a sunny warm day (FINALLY, after two weeks of rain!) I can say this will be an amazing week! Today, as it became traditional already, it’s Serbian Monday – and a new very creative and just wonderful crafter! Little introduction: I finally put my hands on the new issue of Elle Dekor Serbia and oh, how much I love that magazine, they always have great features, beautiful pictures and useful advice! So, this week’s crafter was featured there and now please enter Katarina from Like flowers and butterflies! Needless to mention how HAPPY I was to read about Katarina there: she’s a thirty-something mom of three adorable children who are her inspiration and motivation to create clothing and accessories for the little ones. Not only she’s fabulous at designing and sewing, she also has another Etsy shop where she sells handmade acrylic doily silhouettes. I’m so proud of meeting such a talented, lovely lady like Katarina and I should also mention that her work was featured in various magazines: Country Living, Belle Armoire, Elle Dekor (twice) and more; she was interviewed for a local TV channel and oh, well, you must see her work in order to understand what do I mean: please check her blog, Etsy shop for the little ones Flowers and butterflies, Etsy for home decorations, bags and more, I wanna be or Flickr, for more eye-candy. Katarina is shipping world wide and you should check her stores, you don’t want to miss that! I highlighted some things I liked the most (so hard to decide!):


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Hi, dears! It’s Saturday and before signing off until Monday I wanted to introduce you to Valéry Goulet, Edmonton-based designer and illustrator and owner of Valerydesignwrks. Valéry contacted me yesterday and kindly offered to take a look at her work, just in case I may like it. And I did look. And I don’t regret at all! I’m usually not blogging about illustrations, but this time I couldn’t not to, her designs are too cute! And besides illustrations Valéry also is creating beautifully patterned wallpapers, pillow covers, calendars, note cards, sweet clocks and wall decals. And people, I fell in love! The patterns Valéry is using are just as gorgeous as you’d imagine, the perfect PERFECT place to use them would be a lovely nursery or kid’s room! I’m absolutely encouraging you to visit her Etsy shop, online boutique and site for more eye-candy, meantime here’s a sneak peek:

Wallpaper pattern

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Circus room: before & after

I spotted this makeover on Design*Sponge and I knew it was my childhood dream, I felt so nostalgic for the good old times. Won’t say more, please head to Design*Sponge and read everything about the makeover, but I do want to show you the great before & after.


I hope you’re having a productive day!

P.S. What do you think about the Circus room?

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Jan Eleni Interiors

Before signing off until tomorrow I wanted to show up once again bringing with me a great interior designer who (as I read in her bio) inherited from her grandmother designer skills and taste of style. Jan Eleni is a self-taught designer who has her own design business running since 2004, but in fact she  started her career back in the 90’s, when she had a small shop in New York, on 9th Street. After starting the business Jan focused mostly on decorating children’s rooms and the best of everything is that she was working with the kids, living their lives to understand their needs. And as once I said, *that’s* what I call a good designer – the one working for the client’s wellness and lifestyle! Of course, later in time Jan was designing both for children and grown-ups, so here are some of her designs:


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1 By Fryd Magazine (English)

I won’t be surprised if you all heard last week about the newly launched beautiful magazine 1 By Fryd authored by the lovely Jeanette Lunde. Only that last week the magazine wasn’t available in English, so today I thought I should say a little myself even more because I was able to read it. Jeanette definitely did a fabulous job by putting together 92 pages of beautiful pictures of things that we all love and find inspirational: design, flowers, babies & kids, food & recipes and quotes. Her magazine is a delight and so able to make somebody happy (I mean myself) – the bright colors and the adorable pictures are just what I need on a rainy day! I’ve chosen some images, but please make sure you download the free (!) magazine to see the rest of the beauty listed there!

P.S. I read somewhere that for this magazine Jeanette took all the pictures herself and arranged them this way. One word for this: BRAVO, Jeanette!


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