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Lace motifs

If you tell me now you don’t like lace motifs I’ll start thinking something’s wrong with me. Because I adore lace patterns, the femininity and sensuality a piece of lace can provide it’s beyond any words while the gentle texture will make you embrace lovely curves and soothing color palettes. What can I say – I’m a sucker for lady-like detail like never before! Could this be because of my age (you know, I’m a bit over colorful, bold interiors and crave bits of feminine glamour). Either way, you can’t avoid being inspired by these motifs, so here are some pictures for a Thursday dose of pretty.

P.S. I’m travelling home today, so I’m not sure about how often I’ll be posting the next week. I’ll pop by every now and then though, to see how you’re all doing :)

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Celebrating Spring

And Spring has finally sprung and this means what? Exactly, lots of outdoor chilling and this means what? Right, table decorating which is a pretty important part if I may say so. I definitely suggest using colors, as many as possible to bring joy and happiness into your day! With friends around the table, snacks and drinks (already sounds attractive, no?) – a bold colorful table cloth will complete the blissful look! And knowing that this year’s color is honeysuckle (proof here), consider using hot pink like there’s no tomorrow – you’ll get a memorable and up to date look!

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Floor tiles that will make you happy

I’ve never been a tile kind of girl, to me they scream cold and not very inviting or home-y. However a few days ago I came across an article in a magazine that took  my opinions about floor tiles to a whole new level and I actually fell in love with the variety of designs, colors, but also in love with the passion floor tiles can bring into a home. It can transform a place into a playful or dramatic one – the opportunities are endless and I firmly believe that floor tiles are yet to strike the world of interior design, just as wallpaper did. Here are some of the bold and colorful highlights:

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Serbian Made: Iva Boskovic

It’s been awhile since the last Serbian Made post, but I have an amazing one today, a perfect mood setter for this week! Oh, happy Monday all! I know locals have already been introduced to Iva Boskovic and her utterly stylish t-shirts, but just in case you missed it, I have this post for you, after all you can never have too much inspiring talent, right? Ok, back to Iva – she’s young, creative and her shirts are definitely a must-have this season as they’re perfect for ANY occasion, from parties to casual walks to office style – I mean it’s always nice to have an outfit with a twist and Iva’s tees are the twist you need! I’m digging all the designs, take a look and covet with me :)

*Please note that this isn’t a sponsored post and all the opinions are 100% mine.

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Have a lovely weekend!

Hello, my darlings! I know I’m a bad, bad blogger for the past few weeks, I had some things going on, so I hope you can forgive me. Next week I’m travelling home (yay!) and posts might be chaotic again, I might even take a blogging break for the time I’m there celebrating Easter with my family. Time will show :). Now I want to wish you all a very happy weekend, enjoy the days off, have plenty of R&R and remember that life is all about little things, don’t take anything for granted and see the sun there where nobody else sees it!

Thank you all for visiting and reading creamylife, you make my days! xo

*image via Moj Stan magazine, April 2009, scanned by me

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Bunny Williams Interior Design

I’ve been a fan of Bunny Williams and her style for a long while and I absolutely love her soothing, somehow traditional style. Just as I said a few days ago, traditional interiors lately feel very refreshing, perhaps it’s because of my long-time obsession with vintage, eclectic, Scandinavian styles or the love for colors, but I’m more and more drawn to classic homes that carry valuable memories and soothing feelings. Earthy and neutral colors are the new black and Bunny Williams knows how do it just right! While I feel inspired by her entire portfolio, there is a particular home that has me mesmerized from the moment I saw it in Lonny. That house just feels the perfect home, a little escape to share blissful moments with loved ones.

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Quote of the day

Hello and sorry I’ve been away today! I went back to work after my surgery and it took me some time to get back on track. I’m sure you know what I mean (it’s the same after vacations :D). On another note, not sure you knew, but I’m a huge quote nerd. I love them and very often quotes inspire me, motivate or relax me. I have a board on Pinterest full of quotes which make me happy. Today I thought the one from above is perfect: “Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept“. The second part is priceless! Hope you’re having a great week!

*quote via tumblr

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Tradhome magazine

By this moment you have all probably heard about the collaboration between Lonny magazine and Traditional home. Have you checked Tradhome mag yet? Just as its title says, the magazine is full of traditional designs and while I never thought I like traditional designs, I found the interiors from Tradhome very refreshing and innovative. However one thing I’ve learned throughout the magazine is that traditionalism can look stunning, but only when you add your own, special touch to the room: this might be an eclectic or extravagant piece – important is to break a little the ‘too traditional’ look of the space. The traditional tendencies seen in the magazine were the use of gold, black, white, brown and neutral shades and I guess that’s exactly what felt like a breath of fresh air to me.

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Book review: Decorate

And it’s finally happening! I said I’ll post the review yesterday, but certain circumstances led for it to happen today, hope you don’t mind. And now I’ll be showing you sneak peeks at the must-have book of all times, nearly the bible of interior design and home decor: Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick. I was coveting this book for way too long and when it finally arrived I was stunned by how helpful, colorful and amazing the book is!

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Monday mood: fairy dust

Hello, loves! Just thought I’d do a short post that will hopefully set the mood for the entire week. Because we love pink and because each of us needs some fairy dust every now and then:)

I hope your week starts off on the right side, smile and everything will look brighter! I’ll be back with another post a bit later. xo

*images 1, 2, 3

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