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Think Big

I just came across a home that perfectly fits under the saying ‘think big’. With mostly big size wall art, that space became a livable gallery, eclectic and grand. And I got myself thinking that big pieces are the only thing you need in a home for a bigger impact and a more dramatic look. Whether it’s about paintings, mirrors or even rugs it all works the same. Think big, people!

*images via Apartment Therapy

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Mid-week treats

I know I normally don’t post about food here on the blog, but every once in a while I’m tempted to share with you delicious photography from all around the Internet. I though I’d start with macaroons, because everybody loves them, but then there are these adorable little cupcakes that I can’t stand. Oh well, enjoy these few pictures and if you’d like to indulge yourself more, hop on my Pinterest board which is created especially for cupcakes and macaroons – because I really think that even lovely (edible) treats might inspire us :)

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Rich emerald

Loving emerald, yet again! I can’t resist the temptation (nor I want to) to share with you some ’emerald’ finds of mine that I’m sure will inspire you. And by the way, I really think emerald is a stunning alternative to the traditional brown-golden-beige fall palette, along with teal (that I wrote about last week), but of course!

The two images below feel like the same room shot from different corners, no? The saturated emerald of the curtains are the perfect match for the armchair – to me this is one room! What do you think?

*image 1, 2

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Oh, Monday…

Hello to all my dearest creamylifers! How was your weekend? Is it fall where you are (and I mean for real)? Here we have pretty warm weather, sunny yet just perfect for wearing light sweaters and scarves, so what can I say – I’m totally loving it and wish it lasts for a very long while! Are you back to sweaters just yet or you can’t let go of summer? :)

No matter how your weather is, I hope you’re doing great, sweets! Here’s to a wonderful week! Happy Monday!

How gorgeous is this table setting (below). I’m loving the pretty mugs with numbers, they can be used in so many ways!

*images by dreamy whites via houzz

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Weekend inspiration

TGIF! Time to call it a week (almost), to put our feet up and relax. The thought brings a huge smile on my face, so ‘yay’ for weekends! Today I’m inspired by this fashionable arrangement, which is perfection in my opinion, especially for this fall season as I’m planning on hitting it hard with classic and elegant outfits along with glamorous lady-like ones (I’m especially enamored with the color of the pants – totally glam!). What are your go-to clothing pieces/colors this fall?

See you next week! Enjoy the weekend :)

*image via atlantic-pacific

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Good morning

Happy Thursday! I’m wishing you a very good morning and let me congratulate you (and myself) – it’s almost Friday! Why does this feeling make us happy? Oh well, no matter why, I still love to wake up on a Thursday knowing that the work week is close to be done! Anyway, enjoy the day!

*image via everything fab

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Tablescape idea: Burlap

Fall is so ready to step in and so are the holidays that come with it. That’s why I thought it would be nice to blog about table setting ideas, hoping you might get an idea or two for your upcoming get together-s with close friends and loving family. First of all I’ll write about burlap used as tablecloth, as the idea has me hooked and won’t let go :). The rustic feeling burlap gives to a setting is beyond heart-warming and cozy, so I highly recommend giving it a try.

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Pick a color for this fall? Check!

I’ve finally chosen a main color for this fall season! I never do that normally, but this year it just came onto me and I couldn’t help, but melt and accept the idea! You won’t be surprised to hear what is that color as I blogged a few times about it (like here, here and here) – teal/peacock blue! I’m fascinated with this rich and deep hue, it’s so sophisticated and glamorous! I love it both in interiors and fashion, so I guess my choice couldn’t be more perfect! I already bought a few scarves and pieces of jewellery and I won’t stop here – it’s been way too long since I had some popping colors in my life.

What is your color for this fall season? Are you sticking to the traditional brown or going with more daring shades?

*image via base

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Monday with a dash of lavender

I’ve been always in love with lavender, it’s such a pretty and feminine flower (the same applies to the color, right?). It’s simple enough to be used in a day to day arrangement yet it’s sophisticated and elegant (perhaps because of its simplicity?). As for the color, I’ve said it many times, it’s my mother’s favourite color so how could I not love it? Other than this, lavender is a shade you can go no wrong with if you want to get a romantic, French inspired space. What can I say, I’m a girly girl :)

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The weekend

Make it wonderful, sweets, because there’s a new week right around the corner (which I won’t be speaking more about), so make sure you take full advantage of the (perfect) weather, some you-time and a book, perhaps. Hugs to all!

*image via made by girl

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