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Madrid loft – European chicness

Happy Monday! For today I have prepared a home tour which shows off European chicness at its best. We all know that European homes are different than American or any other ones due to the influence of the culture, history and people’s personalities. So what you know as traditional American will be so different here in Europe and that’s the charm and advantage of living here – I get to see the European gorgeousness with my own eyes and believe it, this is priceless!

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It’s Friday!!!

TGIF, right? Phew, that was rough week and I’m totally ecstatic it’s weekend and I’ll get to rest (feels like this week had the length of a month, no?). Anyways, I’m head over heels and I hope you feel the same!

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?

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The house of flowers…sort of

I know you’ve all heard about Gatherings, the new (to me, at least) online magazine that is so adorable and laid back. I mean, not that the only thing to see are pretty pictures, not at all – the magazine is filled with recipes, advice on decorating, inspiring interviews and much more, but it’s all put together in a heart-warming way, making you want to escape to a stress-free world, where all the homes look like lovely collections of patterns, fresh flowers and vintage! Speaking of homes, here’s one I definitely see myself in (at least these days).

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Motivation wednesday

There’s not much to add to this saying. I really just want you to remember this and just follow your dream. And no, nobody said it will be easy yet we all know it will be worth it. But that’s another quote, dears :). xoxo!


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Tartan as we know it

Is there anything cozier than tartan? The pattern is the king of the fall/winter seasons and who’d think it will look just so perfect in the ensemble of earthy colors, fallen leaves, fire and hot cocoa? Oh and maybe a book too, because cuddling in front of a fire without a book is just not the same, right? To help you get cozy and cuddle up (even if it’s Tuesday and there’s no time for that), here’s a pretty collection of images:

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The power of gray

With the dreary days coming upon us I find myself caught in the timeless magic of the color gray which (especially these days) feels so adjustable and flexible. For an instance gray can be neutral and we can combine it with absolutely every single color (which will look like popping out, exactly because of gray), on another hand gray can be considered dramatic if used as a main (or the only one) color in a room and lastly, if combined with gold accents gray can look so elegant and timeless. If you think I’m wrong, please leave your thoughts in the comments :)

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Weekend…cheers to that!

Quick post to wish you all a lovely weekend! It’s time to put your feet up and let everything around to just happen, forgetting the worries and stress! See you next week! Love, xo!

*image via Style me pretty

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Happy weekend

So I decided to collect giraffes. Odd? Cute? I find it awesome and am totally excited about it. I never collected anything in my life so the idea itself sounds great and I can’t wait to buy the first piece of my (hopefully) ever growing collection :). Meantime I’ll enjoy the weekend, cuddle under warm blankets, cook and maybe continue reading the (billion) books I started along while ago :). What are your plans for the weekend?

*image from Smilebooth

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“Keep looking and don’t settle”

I never took the time to speak about Steve Jobs and how truly sad I feel he passed away, but today I thought a great way to honour him would be to share with you one of his greatest quotes that deserves to be framed by every single person on this Planet and hung in an office, living room, kitchen – everywhere!

“Keep looking and don’t settle.” – thank you, Steve Jobs.

*image source

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Chartreuse obsession

I don’t often see chartreuse used in home decor and although I blogged about it awhile back (here and here) I still find it quite intriguing and modern. Like for example, who’d think chartreuse might look so amazing in a home office? I’m stunned by the richness of this shade against white walls and how well it might complement other bold colors like fuchsia, yellow etc.

P.S. How fun it is to frame magazine covers and hang them on the wall? Have always thought the idea is brilliant!

P.P.S. Louis ghost chairs in that olive green color? I DIE.

*images via design sponge

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