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Nursery inspiration

And I’m back with another baby-related post. I have been writing about baby clothes and sharing plenty of inspiration on my Pinterest board, so it’s the right time to share some nursery ideas. Lately I’m very much into elephants and I like everything that has an elephant on it, that’s why it made sense to me that the dream nursery for my baby will be elephant themed (aren’t they the cutest beings ever?!). So here it is the inspiration board, with all the sources:

1 – dresser, 2 – rug, 3 – elephant night lamp, 4 – wallpaper, 5 – crib, 6 – mobile, 7 – rocker, 8 – ottoman, 9 – apple poster, 10 – pear poster.

Have a great Tuesday! xo

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Geronimo balloons {& studio tour}

You guys, I just found my dream job – I want to be a balloon trooper and be a part of Geronimo team! Can you imagine how much fun this job is? Styling events by creating awesome balloon arrangements, adding lots of sparkle and glitter to my creations (it feels like the only missing thing is a rainbow and an unicorn, right? :D). But seriously, how brilliant is Jihan – the founder – for doing this, I admire her creativity! So here are the amazing balloons they offer and a peek inside their studio Geronimo in LA.

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Happy weekend & an update

TGIF! Another week is (almost) behind us, another weekend is awaiting to be enjoyed! Don’t you love Fridays?

Before signing off I wanted to give you a photo update on my pregnancy, since so many of you asked for it :). Another reason is that I’m thinking to become a bit more personal with this blog, meaning that I might be sharing more bits of my life with all of you (there will be plenty of fun moments when the baby arrives and I want to share those joyful moments with you – my virtual family).

I’m now 27 weeks and we’re both feeling great. Thanks to all for your support :)

*pictures by my husband

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California vintage home

When I saw this home my heart skipped a bit, it was a feeling one has when seeing ‘the one’, whether person, home, couch or things like that. It’s light, cozy, modern yet vintage and it has lots and lots of adorable colors and patterns. It felt like the one for me, because I could easily see myself living there, cooking in a mint kitchen, seating on coral vintage dining chairs or just hanging out in a living room with an awesome rug! What’s your say: yay or nay for vintage homes?

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Vibrance captured by Idha Lindhag

Idha Lindhag is a photographer working for the Swedish Elle Interior and Casa Vogue and she’s amazingly talented, able to capture and showcase through her work the depth of the setting. She has gorgeous black and white shots, but what caught my eye are the images with popping out, vibrant shades that are lively and inviting all at once. one more Swedish photographer to bookmark!

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Raspberry & aqua nursery

You know I’m a sucker for bright colors, don’t you? I can’t help myself when I see a good color duo done right, especially when it’s a nursery we’re speaking about (is there anything cuter than a stylish kid’s room?). So perhaps you’ve seen this one already, but I’ll anyway take the chance and share it with you. Done is raspberry and aqua blue, with an accent chevron wall this baby room feels airy and just perfect for a happy girl (not so sure about how would a little guy react when seeing pinks and reds ha!).

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Back to reality

Well, hello friends! As I told you on my Facebook page, the lack of posts these past weeks was because I took a break and went to vacation – to Italy to be more precise. We had an amazing 10-day trip visiting Trieste, Venice, Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano and of course enjoying Tuscany – the most picturesque region on Earth. It was awesome to just disconnect from the outside world and enjoy the little things Italy has to offer: gelato (supposedly the best in the world), various pizzas and pastas that are equally delicious etc., but also to get to know the huge, historical value of this country. It was tough to come back to reality, but good thing we have lots of pictures we can stare at now, when our vacation is over :).

Have you visited Italy? If so, where did you go and what would you highlight (Florence’s palaces are my absolute favorite)?

*pictures by me and my husband

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Do you dare?

Ok, I know the title is too dramatic, but who cares when this is exactly what I want to ask you – do you dare going bold color/pattern-wise when it comes to decorating? Do you dare painting your ceiling, staircase, front door the fun and not the traditional way? Although I keep posting about all these colorful interiors I’m not sure I would dare doing it in my home, you know what I mean? So that’s why I’m asking you – would you do it or you’re like me – a passive witness of how other people have the guts to be different (oh, that was so dramatic again!) :)?

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Washi tape chic

Hi all! Welcome to a new week, I hope you stepped in with the right foot :). I have to confess something, I’m a total sucker for washi tape – you know, that adorable Japanese sticky tape that comes in a billion colors and patterns? Well, I find that tape genius as you can decorate with it in so many ways with so little effort/money needed! Seriously, I saw people using masking tape for creating wall art, inspiration boards and more, but decorating kitchen utensils – it was new to me. That’s why I wanted to share with you this idea, who knows – you might like it ;)

Isn’t this cute too? With a few $ you can add a fresh twist to your kitchen. Or bedroom. Or living room :). Let your creativity take over!

*images via

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