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Happy Friday

Happy friday, friends! After another episode of being MIA I’m here to wish you a happy weekend. I must admit that having a baby is more exhausting than I thought when I said I’ll be posting every day. My baby needs my attention 24/7 and there’s nothing I can do to change it (not that I want to, but let’s face it – every now and then we all need some time for ourselves, whether it’s for updating a blog, having a hot bath or just drinking coffee). Well, I get this chance very rare and when I do I’m usually too tired to even look at my laptop not to mention putting together a post. Just for the record I’m now writing this from my iPhone, that’s the solution I found, let’s hope it lasts :). If you’re wondering how are we, here’s a brief recap of what my days are – my baby is 4 months old today, he’s smiling/crying/pooping/nursing and that is pretty much it, but it’s ok, it still feels like the time flies too fast.

Hope you’re doing good, here’s a picture of my baby I snapped today in case you’d like to see :). Happy Friday!!!


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