Julia’s Kitchen

You all probably know who is Julia Child and, of course, you all watched the movie “Julie and Julia”! Can I confess something to you? I adore this movie! It’s extremely inspiring, for me! The first time when I saw it, I was laughing,  living (virtually) the life Julie lived and her ambition of becoming a writer! I’m not dreaming about being a writer, but I do have a blog and that’s why I become so sensitive every time I see Julie and Julia! Guess what? Today I took a quick look at the movie again, to get some inspiration :), and I completely fell in love with Julia Child’s kitchen! Now that is a real vintage, cozy kitchen! And notice all those kitchen pans and pots hanging on the wall! It’s just fabulous!

P.S. I love Meryl Streep in every movie of hers, but in “Julie and Julia” she was just gorgeous and she is my favorite! :)



julia's kitchen1


julia's kitchen2


And now, here is the real Julia Child’s kitchen, the place were she was creating and the place that made her famous!





julia child's kitchen3


julia child's kitchen4


I really believe that this movie doesn’t inspire only me and I hope you all enjoyed my article about Julia Child’s kitchen!

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