Sticking to the wall

I already blogged once about wall stickers and I’m gonna do it again now as I’ve found a bunch of them on the wonderful Ferm Living. They’re changing the room so much, it can be a dramatic change, as well as a very cheerful and joyful! And there is such a big variety of wall stickers and you can stick one in each room! It’s not a big deal, but just think about the impressions it can leave! Here’s the proof:



*all images via ferm-living

I’m so excited about wall stickers for 2 reasons: first because I really think it’s a good idea and second reason is that one friend of mine is opening a company which will be creating wall stickers! I’m looking so much forward to having this company here, in Belgrade (we still don’t have someone who will make a sticker the way I want it)!

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