Hand embroidery

My mother-in-law is doing hand embroidery. I was truly amazed when I saw her works for the first time, you need to be big fan of hand embroidery to do this. And my mother-in-law is a big fan! Recently I found out that this skill is inheritated from her mother, who is also doing hand embroidery, then I understood why she loves to do this. The only thing that I still don’t understand is why she’s not showing to the world her talent, she has a lot of marvelous embroidered articles and she’s keeping them in boxes. I felt sorry for the embroidery, I think it deserves more than this.

I would like you to appreciate this too.

bearsbutterfly pillow casepink cactusredflowerred-orchid

This is only a small part of all her talent, I even created a site for her, I want so much to make her embroideries known by people, I’m sure everybody would love them! Soon, she’s having an exhibition and who knows, maybe after that the world will appreciate her hard, but fabulous work.

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