Emily Henderson – the design star

It’s Friday, people! This means that a happy dance is in order right now! TGIF! For a pretty day I have the portfolio of a star for all. And I’m totally serious when saying star, she’s a design star and she’s the winner of HGTV‘s show. Ladies and gents, it’s Emily Henderson I’m speaking about! I loved her aesthetics ever since I first saw one of her designs and now I’m finally sharing with all my love for Emily Henderson! I’m sure there’s no much need to explain why do I adore Emily or how did it happen – it just did and watch out, it will happen to you after you check some of the designs from her portfolio:

I’ll be back later today to wish a happy weekend, meantime be sure to have an amazing Friday, sweets! xo

*images via Emily Henderson portfolio

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2 Responses to “Emily Henderson – the design star”

  1. Tamara
    04. Feb, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    Emily has amazing style and talent. Looking forward to her show! I’m also hoping that she get’s “interior styling” on the map and in the mainstream. It gets old trying to explain what an “interior stylist” is!

  2. Christine @ Fanciful Vision
    04. Feb, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    Lovely blog you have here, your posts look great and the layout as well! I’ll def be visiting again :) x

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