Pantone fruit and vegetable tarts

So you probably saw the brilliant and delicious work of Emilie de Griottes for the French culinary magazine Fricote, didn’t you? The Pantone fruit and vegetable tarts are inspired by the Pantone color swatches, made of bananas, tomatoes, carrots and lemons (and much more) – so yes, it was blissful to look through them (needless to mention I was drooling big time!). Here are a few:

*image via designboom, by Emilie de Griottes for Fricote

Isn’t this genius? I must admit, Emilie is my new idol :)

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  1. Liz Kelly Zook
    09. May, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    I love them all. I want to eat them and decorate with them.

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