Sparkly DIY projects

It’s no surprise I’m crazy about everything that is sparkly and holiday like, so I was delighted to see a huge collection of DIY glittery projects. For the home, for your Christmas party, even for your wardrobe – you’ll find everything your heart desires. The best of all, each project is linked to its how-to tutorial and we can all try our hands at making a sparkly banner or some cute Christmas tree decorations (yes, I’m all about holidays these days, don’t blame me!). So because I love you so much, I had to share my find with you!

Which project is your favorite?

GlitterPartyDecor GlitterYourHome

*images+tutorials via here

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One Response to “Sparkly DIY projects”

  1. Tim
    28. Dec, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    I love sparkly things excluding glitter. I use to like glitter until I got a letter from someone that was filled with glitter and all of it want on the floor.

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