Winter wedding

Don’t know how about where you are, around here winter is still in full force, with snow and freezing temperatures (I can’t deal with it anymore!). It’s annoying that in March we have this weather and I thought what better way to try seeing the beauty of winter (as hard as it can seem) than by sharing a gorgeous winter wedding shot in Serbia, on Kopaonik (a mountain here). The details and colors are stunning, my jaw literally dropped after seeing the amazing cake, the heart shaped macaroons, the wintery bouquet and how happy the newlyweds were despite the coldness (you can see it through the pictures, brrr!).

I hope you could get an idea or two for your own (or someone else’s) wedding, these pictures are definitely worth bookmarking :)

*more amazing pictures of this wedding here

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2 Responses to “Winter wedding”

  1. Design Chic
    29. Mar, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    What a gorgeous wedding, and like you, we are still having freezing temperatures, though, no snow. Love the cake and perfect to be able to keep the champagne chilled in snow!! My daughter married in December and it’s such a beautiful, magical time for a wedding ~

  2. Ivana Marinković Mandić
    17. Jul, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    So glad that you love it! :) Thanks for sharing and recommendation.
    Greetings and kisses from Serbia! :)

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