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Get crafty // 2 easy DIY projects

Don’t know how about you, but I’m very into DIY lately. The easier the project the better, after all the final result is what matters, right :)? So since we’re at DIY today, I’d like to share with you two projects that are super cute and easy – exactly what the doctor prescribed! I found them via 91 magazine, so head over there for the instructions and all the details. P.S. New motto: crafty people are happy people :)

First is this adorable wooden bead light! For a bedroom or a reading nook this easy DIY project is definitely in the category ‘not-to-be-missed’.

Now look at this crafting nook (left) which would be a great addition to a little girl’s room! DIY this wall organizer (right) that is super-functional just for everyone and you’re sure to get all your ducks in a row :)

Are you a DIY person or not really? I never thought of myself as a crafts person, but my – how things change :)

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