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Lovely prints from ConiLab

I love when I’m contacted by readers who are also designers/artists and I get to be introduced to their work. Blogland is huge and it’s impossible to know everyone’s work (and what are the odds to just stumble upon talented personalities?). So I’m grateful when I receive sweet emails which are informative all at once. Case in point, I’d like to introduce you to Coni Della Vedova, graphic designers behind ConiLab, based in Barcelona, Spain. She designs adorable posters using 100% handmade serigraphy (aka screen printing) and I fell in love with them – even considering buying some for our baby‘s nursery :)

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Cocoa and Hearts paintings

I’ve been a fan of Jen Ramos for a very long time and few know that her blog, Made by girl, was the first interior design/lifestyle blog I read, which actually led me to write about interiors myself – so yes, I’m kind of emotionally attached to that blogger :). And she never ceases to amaze me – her latest adventure, Cocoa and Hearts, is truly fabulous! Jen is a talented artist who paints gorgeous art that embraces fun colors and yes, I had to share some faves with you.

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Any fun plans or just sleeping in? No matter what do you have aligned – enjoy it!

Have a good one, friends!

*illustration by Paul Blow

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Paris vs New York

I’m sure you’re acquainted with the work of graphic designer Vahram Muratyan who managed to show off the beauty of the two cities, Paris and New York, as well as how same things are so different depending on the place. I’m in love with every single illustration and am sure you will be too. Good news for all, there’s also a book – can you imagine having 100+ cute and funny illustrations in one place? I tell you, a must-have for your bookcase :). Please do check Paris vs New York site for much more work (so frustrated I can’t post them all here).

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Must-visit spot: The Grand Mosque

Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to Abu Dhabi for a relaxing vacation filled with sightseeing? Wouldn’t it be awesome to see The Grand Mosque there (also called Sheikh Zayed Mosque)? I’m daydreaming right now about that and luckily I can also see some pictures shot by Jamie from the beautiful From me to you who happens to be there now. That place is indeed grand and so majestic. So much attention to details, I was left speechless upon seeing those images. Remembering the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ I leave you now to see everything by yourself. More pictures in Jamie’s blog post.

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There is something so neat about symmetry in interior design. Clean look, balance when it comes to details – this just screams modern and look-but-don’t-touch kind of feeling. While I do love a bit crazier and artsy style for a room, sometimes symmetry feels just right, it’s like helping to keep everything under control in life, you know what I mean? Hoping you did understand me, here’s a picture that just stood out to me exactly because of the proportionality in art, colors, details.

Another thing I love about this living room is the rug, I find the pattern one of the prettiest and those colours complement it just perfectly!

What about you? Are you a fan of symmetry or not really?

*image source

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Home with a ‘wow factor’

Ok, I know I wished you all a happy weekend and I’m supposed to give you a break these two days, but I just came across a home that is TOO awesome not to be posted. I nearly fell off my chair, seriously – it’s ah.mazing! I love every inch of it, every colour and every single detail of the interior. Take a look:

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Hand embroidery

My mother-in-law is doing hand embroidery. I was truly amazed when I saw her works for the first time, you need to be big fan of hand embroidery to do this. And my mother-in-law is a big fan! Recently I found out that this skill is inheritated from her mother, who is also doing hand embroidery, then I understood why she loves to do this. The only thing that I still don’t understand is why she’s not showing to the world her talent, she has a lot of marvelous embroidered articles and she’s keeping them in boxes. I felt sorry for the embroidery, I think it deserves more than this.

I would like you to appreciate this too.

bearsbutterfly pillow casepink cactusredflowerred-orchid

This is only a small part of all her talent, I even created a site for her, I want so much to make her embroideries known by people, I’m sure everybody would love them! Soon, she’s having an exhibition and who knows, maybe after that the world will appreciate her hard, but fabulous work.

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