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Geometrical wall // bedroom

Happy Monday! You guys, I came across the most stunning bedroom ever! And the funny thing is that the space is as simple as it can be yet attractive and so cozy. The bedroom is white, with black accent details (like a stunning geometrical pattern on a wall) and the cutest nursery corner ever! Pure Scandinavian gem and I couldn’t help but share it with you. But yes, the striking part was the pattern on the wall that can be an easy DIY project with a huge impact on a room (I think I like it even more than regular wall art).

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Dream bedroom

Being that my design style, aesthetics is an ever-changing thing I never thought I’d say that, but I found my dream bedroom. It has the color of a pale pink rose, a gorgeous comfy bed, a cozy cowhide rug, the most feminine settee I’ve ever seen, a Vogue poster and of course it has fresh flowers in pretty vases. How could a girl not like all this? Not sure my husband would be as excited as I am, but still – I’d love to have Crystal’s bedroom (that girl is a huge talent when it comes to decorating, don’t you think? Her home as seen in the anniversary issue of Rue looks amazing!):

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Minimalism in the bedroom

Are you a minimalist lover or not? Or better to ask are you a clutter lover or not, especially when we speak about bedrooms? I think I’m a clutter hater no matter the room, but I guess I’m very minimalistic when it comes to bedrooms. I like clean lines, soothing colors, few to no accessories – just the serenity of the space.

So what do you say – yay or nay?

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The weekend

Make it wonderful, sweets, because there’s a new week right around the corner (which I won’t be speaking more about), so make sure you take full advantage of the (perfect) weather, some you-time and a book, perhaps. Hugs to all!

*image via made by girl

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Bedroom Inspiration

Hi everyone! I must admit the place me & my husband are living now isn’t the home of my dreams, so I’m considering this an excuse to imagine and virtually decorate my dream home, including bedroom – which I think is a sacred place in a home as there we spend a third time of our lives while sleeping and I guess it’s very important to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere for sweet dreams. So, I’ve been visualizing yesterday how will my bedroom look like in my dream home. After flipping through pictures of beautiful spaces I figured that my bedroom is all about floral pattern, cozy blankets and colors (not surprising at all!). What it really IS surprising is that I showed to my husband a white & pink bedroom, asking ‘would you like to have this bedroom?’ (of course expecting a ‘no’), he said ‘yes, why not’. Hello, my husband won’t feel disturbed by a pink bedroom! You probably understood why I love him.


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Turquoise – the color of 2010


British decoration center Dulux named the main color for 2010 and this is Turquoise!

Turquoise is a blue-to-green, opaque color, the name came from French for Turkish :). Some people also say that turquoise is a manifestation of cyan, but I still think they’re 2 different colors and don’t have anything to do with each other. The meaning of this color is very “aery” and optimistic, fresh and transparent. It symbolizes renewal, purity and creates a sense of space. Turquoise is also called the color-tranquilizer, you can’t get tired or bored of it. Doctors recommend this color in treatment of stress and insomnia, so imagine how much benefit can bring to us a turquoise bedroom? Or a piece of clothing or something turquoise! I hope you understood the importance ;).

And if painting your bedroom entirely in blue or turquoise seems too insane, at least make sure you have in your kitchen blue house ware, I mean plates and cups, and in your bedroom turquoise linen :)

Good luck in 2010 with turquoise!

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