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Simple color palette

Sometimes you just need natural colors in your life, right? I’m having some kind of color fevers – one day I’m head over heels for bright palettes, other days I crave simple shades of black, white, gray. I’m guessing it’s a normal thing, people change, as well as their styles and aesthetics. Does this happen to you (because it happens to me quite regularly)?

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Black & white home office

My love affair with black and white is a known issue for everyone, so nothing too shocking in this post. I mean not shocking as you could guess I’ll be dying over this post’s chicness. Confession: I have never seen such a fabulous home office designed around black and white. Seriously, it’s to die for – Nina from Stylizimo is my new idol (her home office we’re speaking about). As every black and white space, this home office is simple yet not simplistic, it’s very inspiring and laid back, it’s comfy and serene – could not ask for more, don’t you agree?

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Color+Inspiration: Black, white and gold

Happy Monday to all! Today I have a special post for you, sort of. It’s about my favourite color combination at the moment: black, white and golden. These three shades are so elegant individually taken, so the effect they have when combined is like a bomb, a stylish one to be more precise. All in all, a bit of a glamorous and sophisticated trio, but nonetheless it provides us with a very cozy feeling, which is at the same time not too simplistic. Are you in for it?

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Not your average dresser

I saw this patterned dresser in a magazine and boy, I had to share it with you! Its oriental look was hard to be ignored and its timeless colour palette was too elegant to be passed away. All in all, not your average (boring, plain coloured – you name it) dresser. Such a sophisticated piece would a fabulous addition to a modern, fancy space bringing a fresh twist into the room.

*picture taken with my phone, via casaviva Italy

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