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Blogger to blogger: Creature Comforts

It’s been a while since the last ‘blogger to blogger‘ post and today you’re in for a serious treat. I have the fabulous Ez here! Her blog Creature Comforts has always been an inspiration to many of us and not only Ez is one of the most talented people I’ve ever known, she’s also the sweetest lady worth all my admiration, who drove a long way to what she has today: a gorgeous blog, a stunning holiday magazine (which is free, so you can check it out too!), an Etsy shop full of eye-candy (I have one of her prints – such a pretty piece!) and most of all, she has a loving daughter and a job she can’t live without. What else a girl can ask for, right? Please read Ez’s advice about blogging:

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Blogger to blogger: Scoutie Girl

Hello everyone! This week I have another great blogger to guest post as a part of the series meant to help us all with blogging and just everything that crosses your mind blog related! I’m very proud to welcome Tara Gentile, the creative, motivating and just genius mind behind Scoutie Girl and Tara Gentile! Awhile back I subscribed to Tara’s free e-course (which I recommend to all!) and was smitten by all the useful info, positive emails I was getting from Tara and one thing is clear for me: this lady knows what she’s talking about and her site is the perfect place to look for motivation and advice! And so I invited Tara to share some things with us and here she is! Don’t forget to take notes!

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Blogger to blogger: Belly’s Button

I know Chedva for such a short time, but it was so enough to understand how talented she is, always with fresh ideas, an impeccable vocabulary (so much to learn from her!) and a fabulous support she’s giving everyday to all the members of blogland! BFF her, you won’t regret! :). Therefore she is a perfect contributor to ‘blogger to blogger‘ series on creamylife! Please welcome Chedva, author of Belly’s Button blog!

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Blogger to blogger: A blonde ambition

Hi everyone! Time for one more ‘blogger to blogger‘ post and this week please enter my lovely girl Leslie of A blonde ambition blog! Leslie was among the first bloggers I discovered months ago and her blog gave me a boost to define my own style and aesthetics, understand what do I want to blog about and how much I want to bring joy to my readers, through my posts. Leslie prepared a gem of a post, so now, please grab your tea or coffee and read carefully as I assure you lots of useful information is on its way!

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