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Shades of blue

Hello, friends! Yet again I disappeared and I have no excuse. Well, maybe only the fact that I’m 36 weeks pregnant. Anyway, I hope you can understand me :).

Now that the summer is over, we’re left with the color palettes this amazingly refreshing seasons brings us. Like for example the breezy blues that make everything look airy, light and so easy-going. That’s exactly how this home is and I would move in in 2.5 seconds :)

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Color inspiration: Greece

Vacation season is approaching and some inspiration in its spirit sounds perfect, right? Greece is a dream destination for all mainly because of its gorgeous beaches and the islands that are worth your visit. Speaking for myself, not the last reason for visiting Greece is the architecture and the stunning colors that just scream sea, breezy air and total relaxation – white and blue.

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Spring greens and blues

With the spring being here, I can’t help but be inspired by its freshness and brightness. Spring’s green color is my absolute favorite shade and the blue – well, it always feels airy and clean, so this combo is a perfect addition to anything especially after a dreary winter. That’s why I was so smitten by this table setting and the room itself – I could feel the smell of spring through the pictures!

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On my mind: Electric blue

That’s one more of my color addictions. I hear everywhere people speaking about winter blues – for me it’s the electric blue that rocks this season because: a. its brightness makes me think of summer; b. it sounds cooler. Yes, it’s that simple. I love it how well electric blue looks in fashion industry too – it’s a statement color all around. But I guess it takes courage to use it, especially in home decor as its striking hue can look really bright and the question is: do you have the guts to commit to such a color?

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That unforgettable blue motif…

Happy Monday, dears! I’d like to start off the week with a pattern that has me swooning every time and that is the blue motif – delft blue. These days we can not only see it in porcelain items, but also in fashion industry, jewellery, wallpapers and much more. I found some examples that make my eyes happy! Have a smasing week!

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Color+Inspiration: Blue

For this blog post I chose the bluest blue. Somebody calls it dark blue, others call it ‘blue moon’ – I say this is the ‘under the blue sky’ color. Just sounds cuter to me ;). This blue is perhaps dark (it is a bit) and it won’t work so good for a space which doesn’t have lots of light, but it will certainly look gorgeous in a room with big windows, where there is constantly sunlight! I guess the blue from these light rooms will really create the feeling of the sky in there and with some nice, cloudy wallpaper will make you float and feel you’re in the air. Just perfect for a nursery!!!


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Color+Inspiration: Blue+Green

Isn’t amazing the harmony which is irradiated by blue+green? Let’s think, for example, of the combination blue sky – green grass, the couple that brings life and freshness to our days, especially post-winter ones :). The eternal feeling of new expectations and hopes always gets to our hearts once the green grass shows up and the sky gets rid of the winter clouds, becoming the purest image ever! I’m being too philosophic right now, so why don’t we just cherish the images  full of blue and green from this blog post ? Enjoy!


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