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Bohemian Charm

Today I found myself dreaming about bold colors, florals and geometric patterns. On a dreary day like today that can be the only thing to save me, you know? I’m really looking forward to spring and summer, when I’ll finally be able to pull out all my colorful dresses and colorful accessories. Ah dreams! But we’re almost there, so hold on a little more, that is if you’re like me. These pictures where fashion inspires interior design (or vice-versa, why not) are the perfect image of how I would like my life to be, at least for one day. Bohemian and charming – when freedom is all you have and the sky is your limit :).

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Bohemian Inspiration

Have you got to see real gypsies? But I mean real-real ones, forever travelers and people whose life is in a permanent movement from country to country aka nomadic people. I didn’t see them for real, but I saw quite good improvisations of gypsies (in some movies, hehe). I bet some of you did see them, another ones didn’t, but one thing is clear – we all know what is a bohemian style and that it actually came from gypsies (it was their lifestyle). So let me tell you one thing: this style is so gorgeous, the colors can drive somebody insane and I can easily get lost in the beauty and wildness of all the color combos and patterns. In my future home, one room will be decorated in bohemian style and that’s a decision! :)


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