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Elephant ceramics

Happy Monday, friends! I’m back from a creative block (you know, when you’re unable to come up with a decent post?) and I hope inspiration will stick around for a while. Many things happened during my absence, many finds that caught my eye, many ideas I want to blog about, like for example ceramics. I feel like ceramic items are the comfiest yet edgy-modern approach a table setting might get. The natural look with a pop of color is the best way to decorate your summer outdoor table. I’m loving these adorable plates from Elephant ceramics – the color palette is to die for!

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Serbian Made: Keewee by Iva Brkic

Hello everyone and welcome to a Serbian Monday! This week’s featured artist is a cutie aka Iva Brkic aka Keewee, a young lady in love with ceramics and handmade, living in Belgrade and creating the most gorgeous ceramic jewelry, tableware, home ware and much more. How did I find out about Iva? I need to give credit for this to Jelena, artist behind LoveLeyla (you can recall her from this post), whom I met last week and who was wearing a sweet and heart-melting brooch which made me fall in love instantly! Well, the brooch was made by Iva and I couldn’t be more thrilled when Iva agreed to be featured on creamylife and even more when she told me she reads my blog, that was flattering :). You know, makes me very proud of myself to have started Serbian Made category, because I got to meet so many wonderful people through it! The talent I’ve seen in the past couple of months is mind-blowing, so creamylife helped me a lot in knowing better Serbian artists and their aesthetics. Iva is no exception! Her work is amazing!

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It isn’t that complicated mathematical relation here, I’m just writing about a Serbian studio Otklon which designs and creates furniture, accessories, lighting and more. And the most important is that everything is handmade and you can see through the work some great artists and just wonderful persons who are devoted to what they’re doing: creating and bringing joy to customers. The studio was a part of lots of exhibitions ever since 2008. I really hope they will organize more exhibitions so I can go and see them, I’d be so happy!



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