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Spring color blocks

This post will make you happy, guaranteed. I was looking and looking around for the past few weeks and I finally realized that this Spring bold, bright hues will be on the top of everything. Whether we speak about fashion or interior design, expect to see rich orange and delicious teal in every aspect. And I couldn’t be happier, you know? I’m already dreaming about the dresses I’m about to acquire, lipsticks I’m going to apply and bright, joyful moments I’m going to live while surrounded by pretty colors. Sigh, I think I’m too carried away by this bliss.

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Oh, I need this mix! And if to be more precise, I meant some gorgeous rooms I stumbled upon some time ago. I just didn’t ever get to them more seriously, but now I thought I’d sneak a peek and just hope you’ll like them as  much as I do! You know I have a crush on rooms with lots of sunlight and bright (or not) colors, well, the images are the perfect ones as they express both: brightness and color. What can I say? I’m in love with them and I’ll always be :).


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