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Concrete & color

If you ask me, I will say that concrete walls combined with a fun color is the most unexpected way to decorate a space. I mean we all think of cold gray when speaking about concrete and it’s absolutely justified, so the fact of adding a bright shade to spice things up sounds like an easy, but ‘life-changing’ step in order to break the dullness of a room that has concrete walls, don’t you think? Whether you choose a warm pastel color to soften the look or a screaming bold one to put the focus on it, the result is anyway sure to be phenomenal!

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Concrete and wood

Would you use these two in your home, together? I’m not a big fan of concrete when it comes to living spaces, the coldness of this material makes me shiver when only thinking about it. Of course, the wood warms things up a bit yet I still feel I wouldn’t put concrete floors in my home (plus who needs so much gray color?). I do like how concrete and wood look though – one has to be real bold to have the combo in his home.

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