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Coral & mint kind of week

Happy Monday, sweets! It’s a real spring here and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have so much sun and warm temperatures – I missed this SO much! And that’s why I’m utterly inspired by a color combination now – coral and mint! Truth is I always loved it, but the pastel shades of these two feel so feminine and modern now that I couldn’t resist but share my obsession with you. I found a pretty nursery decorated with mint and coral, take a look and tell me – what’s your favorite color combo this season?

I can’t get enough of coral and mint! And don’t even make me start on the fashion side of the two colors :)

*images via lay baby lay

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Color+Inspiration: Coral+Green

And we met again, my friends! After yesterday’s news I understood even better how important is to have you all and how much your support means to me, I can only be eternally grateful for all the tweets on Twitter and comments and thank God I’m blessed to have so amazing readers! On another note, today on creamylife’s Facebook page I posted this picture which inspired me to write my today’s post, asking if you can guess what is it about. And I got suggestions, though nobody guessed that I was smitten by the lovely, live color combo on the package which afterward guided me to put together this color+inspiration post. So now I’m absolutely in love with coral and green in all their shades (from pinky to peachy coral to mint, apple to pale green – no limits!) and if the below pictures feel too chaotically chosen, think better about the abundance of color ideas you can get!

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