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Decorating with ladders

Hello, friends! It’s Wednesday and well, what can I say, I couldn’t be happier! It’s that feeling we all have on Friday :). I’m hoping to be in the hospital until tomorrow (or Friday the latest) and I cannot wait to go home! How are you? Are you having a memorable week? I hope so :).

Today I wanted to speak with you about one not so common way of decorating and that is decorating with ladders! Whether is about old, washed out ladders or lacquered shiny ones – one thing I know for sure: not only ladders look good in a room (just like this), they also can be of much use (especially in bathrooms where you can put towels and all these things). For some reason I find ladders very modern, bringing a special feeling into a home. What do you think?

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Weekend inspiration: Country chic

Happy weekend, my loves! It has been a tough week for all of us as we suffered along all the people in Japan who fight for their survival these days. And even though it’s painful we must move on and focus on all the good things that are ahead of us. I thought this post might be helpful as my experience shows that we all love to indulge ourselves in dreaming about pretty places and inspiring interiors. I speak today about country chicness, mixed styles (where wood meets crystal chandeliers) and I truly believe this post will be after your own heart.

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Hanging plates+News

Well, hello my dears! I know it’s Friday night (or maybe Sunday early morning), but I can’t sign off for the weekend yet! I need to share 2 things with you: 1. soon I’ll have the first guest post here, on CreamyLife. Without teasing you, I’ll just say that it’ll be something very nice and with much use. Stay tuned, please! 2. I couldn’t resist not to blog about hanging the plates on the wall! I mean, that’s so comfy and rustic! And doesn’t require so much effort (grab the plates from the kitchen and hang them – easy, isn’t it?). And it really doesn’t matter where you hang them, it’s all the same beautiful! The pictures I found are the best part of this blog post, I’m in love with hanging plates!

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