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Mimou: Creativity rules

The Swedish brand Mimou has a pretty fabulous slogan, don’t you think? Creativity rules is for daring people, for talented minds and innovative ideas – which is exactly the description of this brand. They have cushions, wallpapers, furniture, linens all being very fresh and appealing to our modern world. Take a look at a few highlights of mine:

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Honey Pie Design

You know that I love cushions, don’t you? I think there are never too many of them and to change the atmosphere in a room whether it’s about making it cheery or romantic, it’s enough to throw on some cushions and you’re done! Now imagine my excitement when I came across Honey Pie Design shop on Etsy. They have so many beautiful (mostly colorful) cushions to fulfill everyone’s tastes! Not only they’re colorful, they have sewn sweet prints on them such as: love, peace, kiss and others. Worth your look, so enjoy:


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I have a new crush these days: I’m loving wallpapers and curtains (not to mention pillows and cushions I’ve loved forever). Love them in different patterns and colors, just adore vintage-y floral wallpapers! And imagine my surprise today when I found a store here, in Belgrade, Bellarte, which is making/selling exactly this things. I was very excited and now I must confess, I can’t wait to go there and see those beauties live. For now, here is a sneak peek of their site:


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