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Book review: Decorate

And it’s finally happening! I said I’ll post the review yesterday, but certain circumstances led for it to happen today, hope you don’t mind. And now I’ll be showing you sneak peeks at the must-have book of all times, nearly the bible of interior design and home decor: Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick. I was coveting this book for way too long and when it finally arrived I was stunned by how helpful, colorful and amazing the book is!

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Book lust: Decorate

No need to tell you how much I want this book, I’m sure you want it just as much, right? Written by the fabulous Holly Becker (and Joanna Copestick), with photography by my all time favorite Debi Treloar, Decorate book is definitely a piece to look forward to! I literally cannot wait anymore to put my hands on a copy, I’m simply trying not to think of it now so I can hang on little longer. Here are some teaser pictures:

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Debi Treloar Photography

I’m kinda feeling under the weather right now, might be because of the awful rain and grey-ish days I see through my windows. However, good photography can be a solution, don’t you think so? Please enter Debi Treloar, London-based photographer, originally from Zimbabwe. Debi studied art ad then photography and her works have been featured in magazines such as Elle Décor UK, Italy, Germany, France and Japan to Red, Olive and IDFX Magazine. You should check her food category, lots of drool-worthy pictures!


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