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Decorate with Juju hats

Ever wanted to have a touch of extravaganza in your home? Perhaps a Mexican kilt to spice up your bedroom? Or an Arabian pillow or two, that will change your living room to core transforming it into a tale? Then a Juju hat is exactly what you need! I know this sounds very commercially, but believe me I’m just trying to suggest a way to freshen up your home without spending a fortune. A juju hat will make your living space look different, unique and not last, so much fun (if you have it in a bright, cheery color). Here are a few examples:

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Book review: Decorate

And it’s finally happening! I said I’ll post the review yesterday, but certain circumstances led for it to happen today, hope you don’t mind. And now I’ll be showing you sneak peeks at the must-have book of all times, nearly the bible of interior design and home decor: Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick. I was coveting this book for way too long and when it finally arrived I was stunned by how helpful, colorful and amazing the book is!

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Happy weekend…

Good morning on this sunny Saturday! I love to wake up and see sunshine through my not-yet-opened eyes. What are you planning to do this weekend? Some outdoor lounge? Or maybe shopping or hiking or partying? I know, so much to enjoy, so little time :). That’s why you better start right now soaking in quality time with family and friends! And if the weekend isn’t enough, here’s a picture that will definitely make you happy! Enjoy and see you on Monday, when I’ll blog about Decorate book by Holly (yes, it arrived and it’s absolutely stunning!). xo

*image via pinterest

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