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Serbian Made: Di Vogo paintings

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? As you can see, this weekend creamylife got a redesign and I’d LOVE to know what do you think about it! In other news, today’s Serbian made feature is a gentleman (for the first time!) and he’s an independent painter with a big talent and a creative sense of beauty. I came across his work last week and that same instant I knew he must be on creamylife, joining in for a Serbian Monday treat. While looking through the portfolio of the artist, Dragan Ilic aka Di Vogo, I was amazed by the astonishing work – paintings which show off a woman’s beauty, splashes of color and daring feelings and let me be straight, if before I’ve never fallen for paintings, now this changed and I started noticing the immense beauty of a well done painting. Take a look at Dragan’s work:

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