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Floral headboard DIY

I’m LOVING this floral headboard I came across over on Bri’s blog. Very easy, cost-effective and so very cute, pretty, gentle and all in all amazing! It’s the perfect touch of feminine – I’m absolutely in love!

Happy Friday!

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Sparkly DIY projects

It’s no surprise I’m crazy about everything that is sparkly and holiday like, so I was delighted to see a huge collection of DIY glittery projects. For the home, for your Christmas party, even for your wardrobe – you’ll find everything your heart desires. The best of all, each project is linked to its how-to tutorial and we can all try our hands at making a sparkly banner or some cute Christmas tree decorations (yes, I’m all about holidays these days, don’t blame me!). So because I love you so much, I had to share my find with you!

Which project is your favorite?

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Paper art by Jen Stark

Have you guys heard about Jen Stark? She’s a contemporary artist whose paper cutting skills (for example, go see the wood work) are outstanding! I was left speechless when I saw the colors and the overall look of her kaleidoscopes! And yes, everything is handmade and unique which makes it even more beautiful! Take a look:

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Chic photo display

Just as I was saying in this post, DIY has taken over me and I LOVE checking different projects that might add that personal touch to a home, you know what I mean? Let’s say I’m now going to share with you a driftwood photo display DIY that not only you can’t buy anywhere, but also if found for purchasing won’t feel as home-y as it feels when built with your own hands. And that’s why DIY is so special (now if only I had more time to do all the things I’m pinning). Here’s the final result and if you feel like interested in making it, check here the instructions.

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Get crafty // 2 easy DIY projects

Don’t know how about you, but I’m very into DIY lately. The easier the project the better, after all the final result is what matters, right :)? So since we’re at DIY today, I’d like to share with you two projects that are super cute and easy – exactly what the doctor prescribed! I found them via 91 magazine, so head over there for the instructions and all the details. P.S. New motto: crafty people are happy people :)

First is this adorable wooden bead light! For a bedroom or a reading nook this easy DIY project is definitely in the category ‘not-to-be-missed’.

Now look at this crafting nook (left) which would be a great addition to a little girl’s room! DIY this wall organizer (right) that is super-functional just for everyone and you’re sure to get all your ducks in a row :)

Are you a DIY person or not really? I never thought of myself as a crafts person, but my – how things change :)

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Golden notebook DIY

I consider myself a huge notebook nerd. I just love writing down what has to be done, where I have to go, when I have to finish that particular task and although there are billions of apps to help with that, I still go the old style way – I write down in my notebook. I was always choosing bright notebooks (only my last purchase is a black, glossy one – I guess I needed some drama back then), so these fun, golden notebooks spoke right to me. Plus they’re a DIY project meaning we can all do it!

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Chevron tray DIY

I fell SO in love with this tray, the colour, the pattern – it all made me happy! I mean who wouldn’t fall for orange chevron, right? And the best of it is that you can DIY it and Martha Stewart is right here to help. Read here the directions to re-create this gorgeousness.

Happy Monday!

*image via Martha Stewart

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Home Tour: Jaime from Prudent Baby

Today I want to share with you another amazing blogger’s home and this time is about the lovely Jaime from Prudent Baby. Not only Jaime has a sweet blog, full of DIY projects and crafting ideas, she’s a fabulous designer as she decorated her home by herself and let me tell you I was in awe when I saw the pictures! So neat, organized and what is the most important a sort of DIY home as she completed lots of projects to get that home-y yet stunning look without spending too much $. Please take a look at the pictures, to read about the decorating process, please go here.


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Home Tour: Three men and a lady

Hello, my dears! Hope you’re enjoying your Friday! I’m a little late with blogging today, but I’ll try to make it up with a great home tour a have prepared for you! The home belongs to Michelle from Three men and a lady blog and it’s decorated by herself! Such a big talent! I’m sure you’ll just adore that home!


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Finally, my home office!

Yes, I’m so happy and excited at the same time! I didn’t have a home office so far, so I was always blogging in bed, dining table, my husband’s office and so on. And whenever I was asking when I’ll get my own office, I was hearing “eventually” :). But yesterday, finally the moment came! We bought everything we needed to DIY an office table, a chair and voila! I’m writing to you now, sitting in my cutest office :). That’s how everything happened:


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