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DIY: Kusudama Flower

Hi there! Hope you’re having a great week so far, 2 more days and it’s weekend! Today I’m here to tell you that I think I found out about one more talent that I have :). I like working with paper: cutting, gluing and so on. Today I tried once again myself in this and again I’m pretty satisfied! I made a Kusudama flower, based on Origami technology. I saw the tutorial on Cut out and keep and I knew I can make it! It’s pretty easy, not requiring so much time and it doesn’t require actually any expenses!

Here is what I got:


2 cute Kusudama flowers, with 5 and 6 petals, made of paper (for the 6 petals flower I used a recycled magazine and for the other one regular white paper).

I will do more, to reach a suitable number for a bouquet, but I also saw that Marianne from Noces de coton framed them, so I might do the same, it looks nice anyways!

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Knitted Vase

Recently I got to see them on Design Sponge and Sweet Paul and they took my heart! They’re so cozy! And so easy to be done! So, I tried to DIY and I’m pretty proud of what came out. I was inspired mostly by Design Sponge.


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DIY: Decorative Branches

This is another “did it myself” creation! I like to be a DIY-er, it’s so much fun and imagine the pride you feel when you finish your master piece! Uncomparable! Ok, let’s get back to my branches. For this I used tree branches, which I found outside and which were already on the ground (I didn’t cut anything!). I brought them home, stylized them a little by cutting the parts I don’t need and guess what? I got very pretty decorative branches which could be put in some vase and admired! But, for me it was not enough, so I decided to hang some flowers to make it look more real. Paper flowers are just perfect for this, so following the tutorial which I found on Zakka Life, I got this!


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Pictures of my memory box

As promissed before, here are the pictures of the memory box which I made today!

Memory box

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Finished my memory box!

I’m so proud!!! I always needed a place where I can keep my little things like pieces of jewelry and everything else. Until now they were all over, creating the feeling of a big mess and I hated this! So I had the great idea to make a box for them and since a regular box would look boring and cheap, I thought of making a memory box (actually I was inspired by DIY Network) :). It’s called like this, because I glued pictures on it, pictures of me and my husband ever since we started dating. First I printed the pictures, cut them and arranged them the way I needed them to be in order to cover ever single inch of that box! You can even scan or print your photos with color ink, I made them black and white, I thought this way I will achieve some vintage touch :). So, I just finished it! It looks cute and it’s bringing a lot of memories whenever I look at it!

P.S. Pictures coming soon!

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Have a “LOVE-ly” weekend!

Hey people! I must share something with you! I’m so proud of myself! Probably you noticed that I started to be interested in home decor and DIY, well, I have my first creation! I made it myself, I invented it actually! For me it looks cute, how do you think?


P.S. The pink flower is also made by me, I was inspired by…about this I will write you later! Happy weekend! :)

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DIY: Candleholders made from cement

Hello everybody! It’s me again, again I’ll write about DIY and again Kate from Centsational Girl! You’ll ask why? Because she’s a genius! For example the idea of what I will write about now came to her during the night! For me this is enough to call her genius :). And in the middle of the night Kate thought of making candleholders from cement! We all like candles, it gives to the atmosphere a really romantic and sexy touch, doesn’t it? So, that’s why I think that the tutorial for making candleholders will be appropriate now, when we’re so close to Valentine’s Day! Meantime, check these beautiful creations and Do It Yourself! :)

cement candleholders1cement candleholders2cement candleholders3cement candleholders4cement candleholders5cement candleholders

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DIY: Cherry tree in bloom

Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals.” (Wikipedia)

Kate from Centsational Girl knows very well how to do by herself incredible things! If only you would see all the items she made, real masterpieces, I admire her for that. Good luck, Kate!

But one thing is not letting me sleep for some time already and this is Kate’s DIY cherry tree, it’s painted, handmade and as I studied a little the tutorial, it doesn’t seem so complicated to do it, but it would be such a sweet decoration for your daughter’s room! Anyways, take a look at the magic tree and see the tutorial here.

*Please notice that the flowers are 3D :)

cherry tree1cherry tree2cherry tree3cherry tree4cherry tree5cherry tree

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