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Baby time

So by now I’m sure you all know I’m about to have a baby (6 days until my due date!), right? And you also know I’m a lover of all things Scandinavian, don’t you? Now imagine these two together – a match made in heaven! I definitely like more the clean lines and simple color palettes of nurseries/baby stuff rather than cluttered and colorful ones (at least at the moment), so I was so excited to see a small collection of images on Est magazine’s blog which perfectly shows off my idea of a modern, cool, but warm and cozy baby environment.

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Est Magazine

Hi all! I know I said a few days ago that I’m back, assuming I’ll start posting regularly, but you know how post-vacation time is, right? I also needed some time to adjust and get back on track, so well it took me a while :). I’m now here though, ready to introduce you to an amazing magazine that you simply can’t miss (nor you wouldn’t want to). I’m speaking about EST Magazine, a gem of a virtual publication that has everything the design lover inside of you might like: from fabulous palettes of colours to peaks inside real homes to food and travels – they have it all covered and it looks absolutely stunning. Here’s what I highlighted, but do check the rest!

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One chair, many ways: Eames

I was introduced today to an online magazine that is pure delight! It’s called Est Magazine and it has SO many gorgeous articles, you’ll be truly overwhelmed with prettiness. They had an article about an Eames chair, the challenge was to recognize a real Eames and a replica (quite difficult task). The article just made me love the chair even more than I did before, so in its honor I put together a post about it and how well it might work in rooms that have different styles, color palettes etc.

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