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Serbian Made: Photographer Miloš Nadaždin

Well, good morning, sweets! Hope you had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrated it) or a great weekend. I’m here with a Serbian Made feature and am ready to introduce you to a huge talent born and living in Serbia: please meet Miloš Nadaždin, photographer who captures far above what your eye can see! He’s a fashion & beauty photographer and the very first instant I saw Miloš’s work I was smitten by those unique and gorgeous pictures! He shoots vintage scenes, sexy and sophisticated ones, relaxed and beach-y scenes and much, much more! I know Miloš Nadaždin is a favorite of many people around here and I definitely understand why – his work is beyond inspiring!

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Matthew Shave Photography

I know I usually don’t write about photography, although I love it! But now I couldn’t resist not to blog about this amazing photographer Matthew Shave. He’s not only interior design, but also fashion photographer and his work is really amazing! Not to mention that his clients are well-known brands like L’Oreal, Jimmy Choo, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and others. Here are some photos taken by Matthew:

matthew shave

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