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Last days of summer

I have to admit I’m being sad that summer days are almost over. I know the other day I was craving pastel colored homes, but today I’m back again at happy yellows, bright pinks and turquoise – I’m the person who can never have too much of this. Or summer, that’s why I’m a bit nostalgic today. Dear summer, it was amazing having you with us. Till we meet again – love, L. This is an homage to you, you rock!

Happy Hump day!

*image via Amy Butler design

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Elephant love

How sweet is this elephant vase? Pretty much everything in this picture is perfect in my book (striped tablecloth, colours, flowers – hello!), but the vase is the absolute winner! By the way, this picture is SO Kate Spade, don’t you think? Hope you’re having a nice Friday :)

*image via pink loves brown, copyright Nicole Balch

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Happy Friday

TGIF! Last minutes at work, a sunny and hot weekend ahead – cannot wait! Have a lovely day!

*image via flickr

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I have a dream: bicycles and flowers

Today I’m having a wordless Thursday (I know it’s supposed to be Wednesday, but I have my own rules hehe), so today we’re enjoying this song by ABBA (all time favorite band) and pretty, dreamy pictures of bicycles and flowers, which I both adore (together they’re killer, right?):

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New week, new expectations, new exciting moments. Make sure you’re off to a fantastic start! Talk to you soon!

*image via style me pretty

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Happy weekend…

Good morning on this sunny Saturday! I love to wake up and see sunshine through my not-yet-opened eyes. What are you planning to do this weekend? Some outdoor lounge? Or maybe shopping or hiking or partying? I know, so much to enjoy, so little time :). That’s why you better start right now soaking in quality time with family and friends! And if the weekend isn’t enough, here’s a picture that will definitely make you happy! Enjoy and see you on Monday, when I’ll blog about Decorate book by Holly (yes, it arrived and it’s absolutely stunning!). xo

*image via pinterest

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Sunday blooms: Lilacs

Hello, loves! How have you been? Wanted to let you know that I missed a lot, how much a love you all and appreciate you for visiting this blog, I truly hope you find it inspiring on a daily basis. I’d love to know if you really enjoy these posts , is there something you’d like to see more (or less) on creamylife? I need your feedback :).

On another note, I have a little announcement. I have a surgery coming on Tuesday, but will be in the hospital the entire next week. I’ll take my laptop with me and if they allow me to have it there I’ll be posting regularly (or at least I hope for this) and if not – you know the reason :).

Today I’m feeling very Spring-like and what better post could I put together than a flower inspired one? Even more when I felt like lilacs rock my world today. Aren’t they gorgeous? I find lilacs one of the most feminine and gentle flowers ever! Are they your favorites too?

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Chelsea Fuss – floral and event stylist

I must admit that being a design aficionado is not the only thing that makes me happy in this world. I have been a lover of flowers ever since I know myself and recently I’m very into event styling (I’m just sure I’m a born organizer of weddings and birthday parties hehe). So imagine my excitement when I came across Chelsea Fuss‘s portfolio. For those of you who don’t know Chelsea, she’s a floral and event stylist and you may know her for her uber inspiring blog – frolic! Chelsea’s work is absolutely delightful and I want to share my find with you now.

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Spring on my mind

My name is Ludmila and I’m officially pronouncing myself a hater of winter and snow. I’m more than just exhausted of these cold, gray days. I want sunshine and colors, I want life! I’m not being too dramatic, that’s exactly how I feel each February (and December and January perhaps too). Today I put together a colorful post, a post full of vibrant life and inspiring atmosphere. I’m in a spring state of mind and with this I leave you for the weekend. Just a quick question: do you feel like me (trying to convince myself that I’m not the only one)? xo

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How sweet is this picture? My friend Nastya sent it over my way and I couldn’t resist, I needed to share it with you! You know how much I love flowers and colors! And then she told me that the image is related to Victoria’s Secret, how could I not show it to you?!


*via Victoria’s Secret Facebook page

Hm, it’s so girly, so Victoria’s Secret, isn’t it? I hope you liked it!

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