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Mowie Kay: Lifestyle + food potography

Such a delight to browse through the portfolio of lifestyle and food photographer Mowie Kay. Every picture makes you drool leaving you mesmerized by the beauty of the colors and the setting itself. Mowie is no new figure in the blogging industry, so there are bug chances you saw his work, but I still think it’s a win-win situation: if you know Mowie’s photography – it never hurts to look at stunning food pictures, right? And if you weren’t familiar to Mowie Kay – here’s a perfect way to do so and start your week on a delicious note!

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Cannelle et Vanille food styling

Today we’re speaking about food (not sure I can stand so much yumminess, after one entire day with two cookies). Every once in a while I’m feeling majorly drawn to food photography. Perhaps this happens when I’m starving, but still – there is nothing more delicious than food photography, right? I love how talented photographers make you drool over a cake or a salad keeping it stylish and beautiful to only look at. I discovered Cannelle et Vanille on Flickr and fell for those photos right away – they meet all I’ve ever expected from food photography. Take a look:

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Hey everyone! So far, I didn’t blog about food photography here, but now I couldn’t resist! Mostly all photographers are taking pictures of food and all the pictures are just so fabulous and yummy, but then I came across Alexandra Grablewski and her portfolio few days ago and yes, she is taking gorgeous pictures, but the food…oh my…to die for! Seriously, how talented is she to make just a photo make you drool? But you take a look and then tell me, are you drooling as well or it’s just me?


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