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Add some gold to it

Gold is such a timeless detail and it fascinates me how big of a change gold accents can add to a room, outfit, table or to anything else. I’m loving golden touches lately and I especially enjoy seeing them in home decor in form of chairs, shelves, candlesticks etc. Of course it’s adorable to see golden macaroons, but still nothing beats a stunning golden chandelier in a relaxing bedroom.A girl can dream :)

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Holiday golden sparkle

Hello, friends! Happy Monday! I’m back from my mini-vacation, ready for new challenges and lots of inspiration (by the way I missed your blogs so much!). With Christmas being just 12 days away (can you believe it?) it’s the right time to get in the holiday mood for real, if you still didn’t. I’m continuing with my virtual home and tree holiday decorating and if my Christmas tree was so non-traditional, with a fresh color scheme (see here), then I couldn’t resist keeping it all simple (or not) about my tabletop – sparkling gold with modern and glamorous touches. I’ve seen inspiring images in the latest Lonny (have you checked it yet? it’s a stunner!) and so I felt it’s the perfect direction for me this year! Here are some ideas:

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Color+Inspiration: Gold

Oh yes! I like, like, like gold! I mean both color and jewelry! What girl doesn’t  like golden jewelry? Whether it’s yellow or white? I guess we all do!

So here are my golden inspirational pictures:


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