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Add some gold to it

Gold is such a timeless detail and it fascinates me how big of a change gold accents can add to a room, outfit, table or to anything else. I’m loving golden touches lately and I especially enjoy seeing them in home decor in form of chairs, shelves, candlesticks etc. Of course it’s adorable to see golden macaroons, but still nothing beats a stunning golden chandelier in a relaxing bedroom.A girl can dream :)

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Color+Inspiration: Black, white and gold

Happy Monday to all! Today I have a special post for you, sort of. It’s about my favourite color combination at the moment: black, white and golden. These three shades are so elegant individually taken, so the effect they have when combined is like a bomb, a stylish one to be more precise. All in all, a bit of a glamorous and sophisticated trio, but nonetheless it provides us with a very cozy feeling, which is at the same time not too simplistic. Are you in for it?

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Color+Inspiration: Gold

Oh yes! I like, like, like gold! I mean both color and jewelry! What girl doesn’t  like golden jewelry? Whether it’s yellow or white? I guess we all do!

So here are my golden inspirational pictures:


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