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Hi all, I have been missing for a very long while and I apologize (again!), but thanks to sweet readers who sent me emails asking if everything’s ok and showing concern, I appreciate it a lot! Yes, everything’s fine, life is busy and I must learn to organize better in order to manage blogging just as I did before. Promise to do my best to stick around this time :)!

Let’s talk business now :). With emerald green being this year’s color I can’t help but get back to all shades of green over and over again and this collection is particularly appealing as each space is simple, but the green accents are the cherry on the cake providing that needed dose of grandeur and elegance. Also, these rooms have the home-y feeling therefore they’re going to my bookmarks asap!

Have a great week!

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Weekend {in the shades of green}

Happy Friday, friends! We made it and there are just a few hours left until the weekend we’re all waiting for (finally some relaxation time, right?). So to honor this glorious day, I’m loving green – a glorious color that’s timeless, modern and beyond refreshing in an interior! I’m especially drawn to kelly green, but all the other shades are pretty cool too and they look great in any room –  kitchen, living room, entryway (proof below):

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Spring greens and blues

With the spring being here, I can’t help but be inspired by its freshness and brightness. Spring’s green color is my absolute favorite shade and the blue – well, it always feels airy and clean, so this combo is a perfect addition to anything especially after a dreary winter. That’s why I was so smitten by this table setting and the room itself – I could feel the smell of spring through the pictures!

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Green & yellow {ikea bookcases}

Green & yellow feels spring-y, fresh and alive, so I was very excited to see these bookcases from IKEA (hello, affordable goodness!). Not only they’re cheery, they’re also quite functional – just like a bookcase should be. Now tell me, are you a fan of IKEA or not? And what do you think about green and yellow colors?

*images via ikea

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Lovely palette: navy-white-green

It’s finally Friday, friends! But for me it’s more than that – it’s also Christmas eve today and Christmas celebration tomorrow. Yes, might look to you we’re like living on another Planet, but that’s how it is – our Christmas is in January (cool kids like me celebrate it on December 25th and January 7th, so all is well).

How did your 2012 start off? Have you put your resolutions on paper yet? I haven’t, but I have only two or three, so there’s not much need for me to do it.

On another note, the two images below kept popping out all day today so I just couldn’t ignore how refreshing the color palette is: navy, white and green – totally gorgeous, feels like a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy the weekend!

*images 1 via decor8, 2 via style me pretty, both found via pinterest

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Color+Inspiration: Coral+Green

And we met again, my friends! After yesterday’s news I understood even better how important is to have you all and how much your support means to me, I can only be eternally grateful for all the tweets on Twitter and comments and thank God I’m blessed to have so amazing readers! On another note, today on creamylife’s Facebook page I posted this picture which inspired me to write my today’s post, asking if you can guess what is it about. And I got suggestions, though nobody guessed that I was smitten by the lovely, live color combo on the package which afterward guided me to put together this color+inspiration post. So now I’m absolutely in love with coral and green in all their shades (from pinky to peachy coral to mint, apple to pale green – no limits!) and if the below pictures feel too chaotically chosen, think better about the abundance of color ideas you can get!

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Color+Inspiration: Blue+Green

Isn’t amazing the harmony which is irradiated by blue+green? Let’s think, for example, of the combination blue sky – green grass, the couple that brings life and freshness to our days, especially post-winter ones :). The eternal feeling of new expectations and hopes always gets to our hearts once the green grass shows up and the sky gets rid of the winter clouds, becoming the purest image ever! I’m being too philosophic right now, so why don’t we just cherish the images  full of blue and green from this blog post ? Enjoy!


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Green+Pink+Orange Wedding

OMG! This is the only phrase I can say now, after I saw the pictures of a wedding on Paige One Events. The colors are fabulous: green, fuchsia and orange+pink, a combo that will leave everybody speechless! Now I’m stopping speaking, just take a look and enjoy every picture!


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