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All the luck in the world

All the luck in the world is an online shop, where you’ll find vintage, bohemian, handmade and recycled! Quite an impressive combination of words, huh? Jane Schouten has an eye for style which will make you stop breathing and want more and more with every creation of her you’ve seen. Recycling old pieces of furniture, kitchenware or so, Jane gives them another life, a life full of colors, patterns and as she says, she gives them history. Seeing all the items from All the luck in the world made me want to have all of them and oh well, have a place to decorate ONLY with the joyful furniture, vintage and so romantic pieces of decor, sipping tea from a floral teapot…Aw dreams dreams! Want to see some pictures, right? I’ve categorized them as seen on Jane’s site, so please take a look:

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Etsy: Vector Cloud

Vector Cloud shop is the featured Etsy seller these days. Amelia, the lady behind the shop lives in New York with husband and new born baby and likes to create things from wood. She’s cutting with the laser the wood making beautiful necklace pendants, earrings, brooches and more. Now let me tell how I stumbled upon Amelia’s work: some days ago, Emily from Sassy Smolak blogged about a wooden retro TV brooch, where you can change the picture and I thought ‘how cool is that!’. Today when I went to Etsy I saw Vector Cloud is the featured seller, so I checked the other items from the shop. Now I’ll share with you the things I liked the most!


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Etsy: Emma Lamb

Let’s do some virtual shopping now, shall we? I’m taking you now to Edinburgh, UK to visit a lovely shop full of handmade crocheted, knitted, embroidered vintage accessories, such as granny rugs, cushions, pincushions, garlands and more! Oh, please meet the owner of this sweet shop, Emma Lamb! She’s an avid lover of two things: vintage & retro style and crochet, knit, embroidery, so she had the fabulous idea of combining her passions and now she’s doing what she likes the most and selling them or better said sharing them with the other people. Besides her shop, Emma can be found on her blog, Flickr and Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest: when preparing my pinboard about what home means to me (remember that I’m a part of Pin it forward, right?) I could fill my board only with the cozy items from Emma’s shop, they look so comfortable and so home-y! Now let’s take a look at the beautiful items from Emma’s shop:


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Honey Pie Design

You know that I love cushions, don’t you? I think there are never too many of them and to change the atmosphere in a room whether it’s about making it cheery or romantic, it’s enough to throw on some cushions and you’re done! Now imagine my excitement when I came across Honey Pie Design shop on Etsy. They have so many beautiful (mostly colorful) cushions to fulfill everyone’s tastes! Not only they’re colorful, they have sewn sweet prints on them such as: love, peace, kiss and others. Worth your look, so enjoy:


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Red Hot Pottery

Did I ever mention I love all things handmade? Of course I did and not just once! Well, I believe there is never too much of these things on CreamyLife and today please welcome another Etsy seller who is also the person who creates the cutest stoneware and porcelain ever, Red Hot Pottery! I couldn’t help myself, but show you the beauties made by the Arizona based studio potter, painter and bead artist Christine Tenenholtz. I especially love the vases, they’re so sweet and flirty, I want to own just every single piece from Red Hot Pottery!

P.S. Red Hot Pottery was Etsy’s featured seller, so you understand how dangerously cute are the handmade items, don’t you?


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Poppytalk handmade

We all love handmade things, don’t we? In every handmade item there is a soul and a talent of a great artist! And I admire people who are creating stuff and it actually doesn’t matter what they make, the important is the word *handmade*. This is a really cool tag as nowadays hand-makers are very popular and you’ll be pretty attractive for people only when you say, without showing anything, ‘I make handmade’!

Now please enter Poppytalk handmade which is ‘a monthly online street market curated by Poppytalk to showcase, buy and sell handmade goods of emerging design talent from around the world’ (by Poppytalk handmade). I highlighted some of my favorite items to share with you:


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It isn’t that complicated mathematical relation here, I’m just writing about a Serbian studio Otklon which designs and creates furniture, accessories, lighting and more. And the most important is that everything is handmade and you can see through the work some great artists and just wonderful persons who are devoted to what they’re doing: creating and bringing joy to customers. The studio was a part of lots of exhibitions ever since 2008. I really hope they will organize more exhibitions so I can go and see them, I’d be so happy!



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