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Happy weekend

Hi, guys and happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend? I don’t know how about you, but I cannot wait for each Saturday and Sunday to just sleep in and do absolutely nothing! No cooking, no cleaning – and yes, I’m allowed for a few more weeks to enjoy these lazy weekends and I don’t feel bad about it at all :). How was your week? Did fall kick in where you are? Here it’s still pretty hot outside, so I’m counting down the days until the chilly weather arrives (no signs of that at the moment though – sigh).

Wishing you a relaxing weekend, friends! Make every moment count :)

*cookies by Yvestown, check here the recipe

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I can’t believe it’s already June, can you? The time is passing by like mad and this is just another reminder to enjoy every moment, stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds chirping and breathe in the fresh air like there’s no tomorrow. That’s what I’m wishing you all for this weekend and for every single day – life is too short, let’s not miss all this bliss!


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Oh, happy (fri)day!

Happy Friday, my dears! I hope you had a wonderful smooth week and that you made the best of it! I’m signing off now, have an amazing weekend! Hugs to all!

*image via houzz

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Happy weekend

It’s Friday, friends! Which means it’s time to prepare for some serious ‘you time’, get pampered and soak in R&R moments with every cell of yours. I mean not that my weekend will be filled with much of the aforementioned (not much time for that, ha ha!), but I love to visualize it :)

What will you be doing this weekend?

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Enjoy your Sunday

I hope you’re having a weekend filled with joy and much family fun! Enjoy your Sunday!

*image by Ludmila for creamylife

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These pictures from the May Color Me Pretty post on decor8 has me swooning big time. Leslie rocks and so do her monthly boards and pictures! With these two gorgeous images I wish you a very happy weekend! xo

*images via decor8

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Happy weekend

This is what I’ll be doing this weekend. I hope you have a good one! Enjoy, loves – see you next week! xo

*image via we heart it

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Happy weekend, dolls!

Hello, my sweets. TGIF and I’m SO happy I get some days to relax (well, not really – tomorrow I’ll be working all day). Are you planning something fun for the weekend? Whatever you do, have a good one hopefully in a blissful valley, with a few girlfriends :)!

Love to all! xo, Ludmila

*images via a cottage in the woods, pinterest

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Confessions {and happy weekend}

Hello, darlings! How are you doing? I feel like I haven’t talked to you in so long and I miss this very much! Things have  been crazy here for the past few weeks, that’s why I apologize for not posting so regularly and for not having so much time to chat with you, my heart breaks, but at the same time it’s something I can’t change as much as I would love to. Today was like a confessions day in blog land, without even knowing many bloggers opened their hearts and shared more intimate things than usual with their readers: Holly, Cassandra and Crystal did it (bloggers and ladies that I admire and look up to), so I figured it would be a good chance for myself to open little more to all of you, because you’re more than readers to me – you’re my little virtual family :).

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Happy weekend…

Good morning on this sunny Saturday! I love to wake up and see sunshine through my not-yet-opened eyes. What are you planning to do this weekend? Some outdoor lounge? Or maybe shopping or hiking or partying? I know, so much to enjoy, so little time :). That’s why you better start right now soaking in quality time with family and friends! And if the weekend isn’t enough, here’s a picture that will definitely make you happy! Enjoy and see you on Monday, when I’ll blog about Decorate book by Holly (yes, it arrived and it’s absolutely stunning!). xo

*image via pinterest

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