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Colorful kitchen cabinets

Perhaps colorful kitchen cabinets aren’t my cup of tea at the moment (remember when I was saying how my  aesthetics has a tendency to change over time? well, let’s say I’m more for a sleek and modern design now). Nonetheless, I can’t help but love the colorful kitchen cabinets from this post, they’re bringing so much joy into any space and being that a kitchen is an area where we spend a lot of time in pops of green, blue, yellow or red sound pretty much perfection! There is one ‘but’ – although I like this idea I’m wondering how does one feel when actually having colorful kitchen cabinets, doesn’t it feel too much?

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Wind & Willow Home collection

I know I wrote a post on the dipped trend a couple of weeks back, but now let’s just say the focus isn’t on anything dipped, ok? Instead I want to introduce you to a lovely collection of wooden bowls, spoons, cups etc. All handmade, all adorable! I found on Etsy this shop that had too cute stuff to leave it aside. Plus it shows two of the current mega-trends: neon colors and dipped – in this case it’s a match made in heaven. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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Home with a ‘wow factor’

Ok, I know I wished you all a happy weekend and I’m supposed to give you a break these two days, but I just came across a home that is TOO awesome not to be posted. I nearly fell off my chair, seriously – it’s ah.mazing! I love every inch of it, every colour and every single detail of the interior. Take a look:

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On my wishlist: “For like ever” poster

Hello, my dears! Welcome to another Monday. Will kick off this week with one more item which I’ve added to my wishlist: the For like ever” poster from Village. Isn’t it absolutely fabulous? The poster is one of those things that don’t need introduction nor many words of admiration, right? Well, I’m all for it – I adore it and enough said! Just for the record, in a little more than one month is my birthday, but I accept presents now too, in case you want to make me a gift, in a form of a lovely poster :)

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