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Modern & on a budget

Hi everyone!!! How are you, guys? I hope you’re doing well and the work week isn’t too tough on you :). Yes, I disappeared and yes – I do dare to hope you’ll understand my reasons (14 days until my due date, my level of anxiety sky-high, making it hard to focus on anything!). I miss blogging though, so I promise to pull myself together and spend more time sharing inspiration with you, guys!

So today I’m here with a beautiful modern home decorated on a budget, because we know that when it’s about cost-effective decorating IKEA is the perfect source. And that’s what the home owner did, with some help from friends, plenty of DIYs, Tara Ballantyne managed to design a cozy, inviting home without splurging too much.

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Green & yellow {ikea bookcases}

Green & yellow feels spring-y, fresh and alive, so I was very excited to see these bookcases from IKEA (hello, affordable goodness!). Not only they’re cheery, they’re also quite functional – just like a bookcase should be. Now tell me, are you a fan of IKEA or not? And what do you think about green and yellow colors?

*images via ikea

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Simple living

Hello, sweet creamylifers! So sorry I haven’t posted anything the last couple days, it was one of those weeks, you know? So today, as a treat and a way to make it up to you, I have a post that shows so many things I adore: white done right, simple living, Scandinavian chicness, minimalist style with a wow-factor and more. Without any further ado, here’s a home I’m ready to move in right away!

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Leran pendant lamp

There’s no news that I love all kind of light fixtures from luxurious chandeliers to Sputnik light fixture to bamboo styled ones. Speaking about bamboo – my new lamp crush has a name and it’s called Leran which can be found at IKEA. For a long while I was obsessed with it, however I know that Leran is far from being everyone’s favorite light fixture. Some people share my crush, others – well, not to so much (slightly being said!). Let me ask you now, would you buy Leran Ikea lamp (11 or 24”) for your home or not? I SO would! Dear Santa, I hope you’re taking notes:)

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