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Caramel, stripes, industrial, modern

I know that the title might be a bit confusing, but you’ll understand what I meant. Seems to me that industrial oriented designs will never fade, there’ll always be someone who’ll dig metal coffee tables and lamps, worn off storage drawers and things like this which are absolutely charming, in my opinion. Even more when you go with vintage thrifted furniture and accessories – that’s a bomb of a combination. However, I’m thinking that perhaps a few feminine details won’t hurt? Something like a caramel sofa or a cozy blanket. Well, the possibilities are unlimited and it’s just up to you how to decorate your home. Here’s a picture which inspired me to no end! I bet you’ll understand why :)

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Industrial chicness {and happy weekend}

And we’ve made it. It’s Friday evening here where I am and I’m more than ready to call it a day (and week). How was your week? Were you snowed in? I was tweeting yesterday that as crazy as it may sound, I wish we were snowed in so I get to stay at home, under warm blankets, with tea, laptop and just be inspired by these cozy feelings. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be this way, so I hope at least you got to cuddle by the fire this week.

For those who didn’t know yet, House Doctor (that I adore, see proof here) launched their 2011 catalogue and it’s as delicious as only they can do it. I spotted some pictures which had an industrial chic vibe and well, I knew I must share it.

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Vintage inspired industrial stools

Lately I’ve been drawn to stools and specifically to industrial stools in a modern kitchen with a vintage twist. I’m loving the contrast between wood kitchen island+cabinets & metal stools, that’s a real statement for a space, don’t you think? And the best part about these stools is that they can be easily found at flea markets and would look stunning without any renovation/restoration. And yes, these stools can also be in different colors, but to be straight I like more their look as if they’d been used for long time, the aged feeling makes them even more charming! Oh and another thing – don’t they look amazing in a rustic inspired kitchen, with all that wood and shabby atmosphere? I think they do! Here are some examples of stools I’d absolutely love to bring into my kitchen!

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