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Color+inspiration: Burgundy

Burgundy was all over fashion this past fall and if you’re following the trends you have at least one piece in burgundy. And it got me thinking how does this color embracing interior design – to my surprise burgundy isn’t very popular in home decor, but I can’t say I don’t understand why, after all this is a bold hue requiring attention when creating color palettes as not every color pairs nicely with burgundy, don’t you think so? Personally I doubt I would paint my bedroom in burgundy as I would probably fear the darkness the room will receive, however accent pieces look pretty good adding a touch of elegance (a result close to what plum gives to a space – royal and sophisticated).

What’s your opinion on burgundy?

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Vibrance captured by Idha Lindhag

Idha Lindhag is a photographer working for the Swedish Elle Interior and Casa Vogue and she’s amazingly talented, able to capture and showcase through her work the depth of the setting. She has gorgeous black and white shots, but what caught my eye are the images with popping out, vibrant shades that are lively and inviting all at once. one more Swedish photographer to bookmark!

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It’s the first post in 2012 so let me welcome you all to a new year which will surely bring many adventures, joyful moments and achieved goals. I like to think about a new year as a blank canvas, with plenty of space to paint your life the way you want it. Which is why today I especially feel drawn to clean lines, uncluttered spaces and white interiors – exactly what we need now – new beginnings with nothing to interfere with our life mission and vision.

Happy 2012, sweets! Make it memorable!

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