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Fashion to interior: Crocheted bliss

The similarity was too obvious to be ignored, so I had to share my finds. Granny chic crocheted blanket found its place in fashion industry in the form of a cozy dress, warm and so much fun! I’ve seen the blanket itself long time ago, so a this-and-that moment hit me the second I saw the dress, looks like the crocheted bliss works in fashion just as good as it does in decorating :)

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Inspiration for dining room

I can’t believe how inventive designers can be, sometimes I envy them! This is a real talent, a good designer, I think, has the greatest ideas when expecting this the least! When I said I envy them, I was joking, I’m happy actually that our homes can look like in tales and be the most favorite place thanks to their inspiration and taste! And since we’re speaking about inspiration over and over, here are some ideas of how to decorate your dining room.


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