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Back to reality

Well, hello friends! As I told you on my Facebook page, the lack of posts these past weeks was because I took a break and went to vacation – to Italy to be more precise. We had an amazing 10-day trip visiting Trieste, Venice, Florence, Pisa, San Gimignano and of course enjoying Tuscany – the most picturesque region on Earth. It was awesome to just disconnect from the outside world and enjoy the little things Italy has to offer: gelato (supposedly the best in the world), various pizzas and pastas that are equally delicious etc., but also to get to know the huge, historical value of this country. It was tough to come back to reality, but good thing we have lots of pictures we can stare at now, when our vacation is over :).

Have you visited Italy? If so, where did you go and what would you highlight (Florence’s palaces are my absolute favorite)?

*pictures by me and my husband

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Everyday fabulous {August 2nd, 2010}

You know how I love Pinterest, don’t you? It’s so full of eye-candy I never dreamed seeing, so many stunning pictures that make me happy! Just like it happened when I came across the below picture – it’s breathtaking, gorgeous and so above all you’ve seen so far.

*via Pinterest

The only thing I know about this picture is that this place it’s in Italy and I so want to go there! The colors and the shape of this coast are amazing and yes, this is a DREAMY place!

UPDATE: Christine was so kind to tell us that this extraordinary place is Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre. Thank you, Christine!

Hope your Monday is going well! xo

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Blue summer house in Filicudi

Hi everyone and happy Friday! Another week has gone and it’s time to start thinking about weekend plans, don’t you thinks so? Alright, so lately, with crazy hot days and the sun shining all day long, I can’t think of a better weekend idea than just a getaway to an island, to enjoy some sunbaths and the breezy ocean air *sigh*. I even found the perfect home where I can stay during my getaway! It’s located on the Filicudi island, in Italy! That home is decorated in a pale blue, just amazing color and it looks so relaxed and serene – what a perfect place to spend a vacation! Leaving you with the pictures, I’m off to pack (virtually HA!):


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A home in Italy

I’m back again, lovelies! I know I has been quite here today, I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m bringing to you now the tour of a home located in Lucca, Italy. Decorated in mostly white color tones, with touches of beige and silver shades, the home is so neat and calming that I couldn’t resist and don’t show it to all of you! The most what I like of this home is the divider between the kitchen area and dining room – a sheer curtain that is just as simple as you could think of! I know I’m teasing you too much, here it is! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


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