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Tiled kitchen backsplash

Tiles in the kitchen are functional and we all know that, but did you think that those same tiles can be fun adding a quirky twist to the kitchen? The idea of incorporating fun with practical can’t sound any better especially when you have such a huge choice with kitchen tiles. But when I say kitchen tiles I actually mean the backsplash part which can add that perfect punch of color and pattern to your kitchen, adding the unexpected to the old, boring backsplash. I’m loving the idea of a light colored kitchen (say white, mint, light blue) and a bold, strikingly bright backsplash? Sounds awesome to me :)

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Vintage kitchen

…with a touch of soft mint! I’m totally obsessed with the cabinet which is as vintage and as gorgeous as you can imagine! Add a few vintage stools and you get the perfect kitchen which is both inviting and cool. Open shelving, industrial old lighting – the moment when a picture is worth a thousand words :)

I’m loving the overall look of this kitchen – right up my alley!

*images via here

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Eco-friendly and chic

As we said a few posts back, summer is all about entertaining and frozen delicious treats, remember? Well, these very adorable wooden spoons are perfect for completing the image – not only they look beyond cute with the colorful stripes on them, they’re also eco-friendly which makes them even more attractive. Plus they’re pretty affordable – could this get any better?

*available here

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Pretty kitchen display

Are you a fan of open shelves in the kitchen or you’re more of a cabinet person? I have to admit a while back I was all about open shelving, but now I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to glossy, black-painted cabinets to add some drama to the area. So I’m asking you now – what would you choose?

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Handmade: Colorful tableware

I just came across this etsy shop full of hand painted tableware – Aedriel Originals! Plates with colorful chevrons and stripes or personalized messages, bright cups and trays – they’re all beyond adorable and so spring-y. Just imagine a spring soiree or picnic using these – so much happiness coming from a colorful tableware, don’t you think (I think even the food tastes better)? What’s your pick?

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To SMEG or not to SMEG?

By now you figured what will the post be about, right? The legendary fridge, coveted by so many, afforded by fewer, but absolutely loved by all – SMEG. Today these refrigerators come in every possible color which makes it even cooler than it actually is. You can choose mint, pink, black or cream or you can have them all –  I would, because they’re that delicious! So what do you say – to Smeg or not to Smeg? :)

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Fresh and Bright Kitchen…

…which belongs to Kate of Centsational Girl. Remember her, right? She’s a passionate DIY-er and no surprise that she renovated her kitchen by herself. This place looks amazing, so much light, so cozy design, I bet now the kitchen is Kate’s favorite place in the house. Check out the pictures:


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Julia’s Kitchen

You all probably know who is Julia Child and, of course, you all watched the movie “Julie and Julia”! Can I confess something to you? I adore this movie! It’s extremely inspiring, for me! The first time when I saw it, I was laughing,  living (virtually) the life Julie lived and her ambition of becoming a writer! I’m not dreaming about being a writer, but I do have a blog and that’s why I become so sensitive every time I see Julie and Julia! Guess what? Today I took a quick look at the movie again, to get some inspiration :), and I completely fell in love with Julia Child’s kitchen! Now that is a real vintage, cozy kitchen! And notice all those kitchen pans and pots hanging on the wall! It’s just fabulous!

P.S. I love Meryl Streep in every movie of hers, but in “Julie and Julia” she was just gorgeous and she is my favorite! :)


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Turquoise – the color of 2010


British decoration center Dulux named the main color for 2010 and this is Turquoise!

Turquoise is a blue-to-green, opaque color, the name came from French for Turkish :). Some people also say that turquoise is a manifestation of cyan, but I still think they’re 2 different colors and don’t have anything to do with each other. The meaning of this color is very “aery” and optimistic, fresh and transparent. It symbolizes renewal, purity and creates a sense of space. Turquoise is also called the color-tranquilizer, you can’t get tired or bored of it. Doctors recommend this color in treatment of stress and insomnia, so imagine how much benefit can bring to us a turquoise bedroom? Or a piece of clothing or something turquoise! I hope you understood the importance ;).

And if painting your bedroom entirely in blue or turquoise seems too insane, at least make sure you have in your kitchen blue house ware, I mean plates and cups, and in your bedroom turquoise linen :)

Good luck in 2010 with turquoise!

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