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Colorful kitchen cabinets

Perhaps colorful kitchen cabinets aren’t my cup of tea at the moment (remember when I was saying how my  aesthetics has a tendency to change over time? well, let’s say I’m more for a sleek and modern design now). Nonetheless, I can’t help but love the colorful kitchen cabinets from this post, they’re bringing so much joy into any space and being that a kitchen is an area where we spend a lot of time in pops of green, blue, yellow or red sound pretty much perfection! There is one ‘but’ – although I like this idea I’m wondering how does one feel when actually having colorful kitchen cabinets, doesn’t it feel too much?

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Pretty kitchen display

Are you a fan of open shelves in the kitchen or you’re more of a cabinet person? I have to admit a while back I was all about open shelving, but now I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to glossy, black-painted cabinets to add some drama to the area. So I’m asking you now – what would you choose?

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