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Colorful kitchen cabinets

Perhaps colorful kitchen cabinets aren’t my cup of tea at the moment (remember when I was saying how my  aesthetics has a tendency to change over time? well, let’s say I’m more for a sleek and modern design now). Nonetheless, I can’t help but love the colorful kitchen cabinets from this post, they’re bringing so much joy into any space and being that a kitchen is an area where we spend a lot of time in pops of green, blue, yellow or red sound pretty much perfection! There is one ‘but’ – although I like this idea I’m wondering how does one feel when actually having colorful kitchen cabinets, doesn’t it feel too much?

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Tiled kitchen backsplash

Tiles in the kitchen are functional and we all know that, but did you think that those same tiles can be fun adding a quirky twist to the kitchen? The idea of incorporating fun with practical can’t sound any better especially when you have such a huge choice with kitchen tiles. But when I say kitchen tiles I actually mean the backsplash part which can add that perfect punch of color and pattern to your kitchen, adding the unexpected to the old, boring backsplash. I’m loving the idea of a light colored kitchen (say white, mint, light blue) and a bold, strikingly bright backsplash? Sounds awesome to me :)

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Vintage kitchen

…with a touch of soft mint! I’m totally obsessed with the cabinet which is as vintage and as gorgeous as you can imagine! Add a few vintage stools and you get the perfect kitchen which is both inviting and cool. Open shelving, industrial old lighting – the moment when a picture is worth a thousand words :)

I’m loving the overall look of this kitchen – right up my alley!

*images via here

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Pretty kitchen display

Are you a fan of open shelves in the kitchen or you’re more of a cabinet person? I have to admit a while back I was all about open shelving, but now I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to glossy, black-painted cabinets to add some drama to the area. So I’m asking you now – what would you choose?

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Country Kitchen Inspiration

I almost forgot how beautiful country kitchens are! Thanks to House to home, I remembered the sweet details and colors you can put on when decorating a country styled kitchen! And actually hey, a country kitchen is a favorite of mine, perhaps even my dream kitchen, even more now, when I saw the beautiful inspiring pictures over at House to Home! I thought I should share with you the blissful images, so here they are:


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