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Miha Matei Photography

I’m more and more in love with Romanian artists and creative minds. First I must mention Freshome, a fabulous site about interior design (last week I found out that the founder of the site lives not so far away from me – exciting!), today I read about Mario Badescu, who is also from Romania, known worldwide for his line of skin care products and now Miha Matei, a talented photographer born in Romania, now living in New York and Los Angeles with her husband and son. In Miha’s portfolio I found pictures which were in my inspiration files since forever, yet I never knew that they were taken by her, like the below picture which can be seen in the post about Ashe+Leandro Interiors. Miha’s photography is stunning and her portfolio is one of those which you want to fully take from her site and just put it on your blog, it’s that good!

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